Okay Folks, it's Time to be like ....Canada

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  • james_woods

    Come back to Wibble and have some Haggis, Monkey.

  • trillaz

    I'm convinced. Where do I sign up?

  • Botzwana
  • Heaven

    Just want to say here that Canada is NOT anti-gun.

  • cobaltcupcake

    Personally, I hate guns, but if someone has a murderous intent they will find a way to carry it out, gun or no gun.

    The worst school massacre in U.S. history occurred in 1927 in Bath, Michigan. Some whacko blew up half the school with dynamite and would have taken the whole place down if the second batch of dynamite had detonated. In all, 38 children died, along with 7 adults, and 56 people were injured.

    No guns were involved except the rifle that he used to set off the dynamite in his own car which killed him and a couple of other people. Oh, and he had earlier beaten his wife to death and set fire to his farm, killing dozens of innocent animals.

    Without a gun.


  • skeeter1

    Norway has very strict gun rules . . . . and a mass shooting last year. Bad people still get guns, legal or not. You're not supposed to have a gun within so many feet of a school house, but that didn't stop this kid.

  • Deceived

    I live in Canada and we have guns here, There is strict laws for owning a gun and getting a PAL gun licence but we do have them here and lots of people own them legally.

    I don't like guns for myself but its the person behind the gun not the gun that is dangerous. A golf club is dangerous, a chain saw, a knife, a machette if you have a evil person holding it with bad intent. No matter what we do its always the criminals that have access to guns but ordinary normal people don't have them without going through a huge amount of red tape and documentation.

  • truthlover123

    In Canada you have to have two courses - one restrictive and the other non restrictive, write tests, have to make over 85 percent to pass and then register with the govt (they call you) before you can possess and then only if you have the proper carrying equipment, otherwise you dont get one... and also you get a call from the government as to why you are requesting a carry licenses in the first place.. and where you are going to shoot and the requisition has to be signed off by two of a gun clubs officials as you do have to speak with them and go thru tests, so they can get a good slant on your mental outlook.. then pay 85.00 to obtain - then take a hunting course so you can hunt with a license (only) in Canada. Then purchase the gun and only use it at a legal gun club unless you are a hunter.

    Oh and you have to have 2 or 3 people who will vouch for you before the govt releases the license. They also get a call from the govt. I just went thu all this last year..

    Otherwise, they are on the street and how many gun manufacturers are there in the States? This is a multi billiion dollar industry with their interests being represented in the State house, No?? I think the stats are over 140,000 dealers in the US but only 11,000 Starbucks, I could be wrong... why aren't the sellers beaten down so much they dont date sell to minors, etc. and just take a look at the 20 year old shooters pict... what was wrong with his mother? Did she buy them for safety? Time will clear up this picture..

    Too bad some dont like Canadians.... we are as concerned about issues just like you.. especially the Sandy school tragedy yesterday.. a horrible, horrible traumatic event for those poor children and their parents... there is no sane person who would not cry to see the despair on the parents faces and feel their pain..

    PS: most of the northeast US have a lot of relatives in the Nortrheast Canada area.. and dont forget the 9/11 scenario where we Maritimers/Canadians took over 3000 flights heading into the US and fed , bunked and entertained the passengers and crews of all those flights... in our homes and civic centres ---most have made lifelong attachments -- ask anyone who went into Newfoundland and Nova Scotia -just a thought before you head off in the wrong direction... there are harrumpts in every country, N'est pas?

  • ziddina

    The recent shootings are terribly tragic, but...

    It's ironic that it is the GUN NUTS who are going to ensure that new gun-control laws are generated!!!

    Way to go, guys! KEEP on shooting yourselves in the head - er, foot...

  • talesin

    If you like Canada better, move there.

    Ummm, sorry, Puff, but we don't need you. LOL, I always get a kick out of Americans sayin' that,,, hahaha,,, ummm, we don't want your 'kind' up here, if you are only coming to take advantage of our health care system. Draft dogers, otoh, are WELCOME!

    Stay the hell in your own country,,, OH, BY THE WAY,,, isn't it THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD?

    lol @ American Exceptionalism. What a JOKE!


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