This really works to shut up the elders and other do gooders prying questions

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  • harleybear

    For what ever reason I have been contacted by a number of JW's as to why I do not attend the meetings etc. In the past I have blown it off by saying I am super busy, tired, sick etc. but not now. I had the opportunity just last week when I ran into an elder and his wife at the grocery store to respond to their comment.

    "Oh we have missed you at the meetings" "Is everything alright" Would you please consider coming back???"

    My response was No!!!!!! I will consider coming back when the WTBTS does not provide safe haven for child abuser and wife beaters.

    "What do you mean"" they said shocked and wide eyed.

    My long as there is the 2 witness rule in such crimes I can't see that Jehovah's spirit is upon an organization that harbors criminals.

    Lips slam shut and they turned on their heels and left.

    I was later contacted by yet another 2 elders who stopped by for a visit and posed the same questions. Asking further did they know of any criminal that would abuse a child or spouse that had requested 2 witnesses to their crime.

    Of course the answer was NO.. I simple concluded the conversation by saying "Exactly my point"

    By using their rules and procedures how could you be wrong?? I would love to hear your thoughts..

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    I said this to an elder who said I should write to the 'society' and let them know my concerns! That was before I left and realised they already knew the stupidity of it and yet insist on sticking with it

  • Jeffro

    Well put. Except they probably need it elaborated for them that there is no way for you to know about any abusers because their policy prevents you from receiving such information... They probably won't figure that out for themselves... ;)

  • harleybear

    Well put Jeffro. With the 2 witness policy they can continue to stick their head in the sand and "see no evil". By posing that question we are not "doubting" the org. just standing on common princple and the LAW!!!!! I have taken this yet a step further and have a copy of local legal documents outlining what domestic violence and child abuse is. Hand that to them and see the pucker factor take place.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Harleybear- Just so you know, that may lead up to further inquiry and scrutiny.

  • JeffT

    I said this to an elder who said I should write to the 'society' and let them know my concerns

    My response to that would be "what, you can't figure out something this simple on your own?"

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I bet it does work. I've done very similar with the line, "until they change their policy and tell the elders to call the police FIRST, I really have no desire to have close association with an organization that endangers children and protects molesters. Why would they call a Legal Department on the other side of the country when they should call the police FIRST and have the possible advantage of collecting forensic evidence and make it clear that protecting children is a priority?"

  • besty

    one of my stated reasons for no longer attending:

    "Why do my kids have a lower level of protection from child molesters than elders kids?"

    Answer: Disfellowship me.

  • problemaddict

    Just a couple thoughts. Those people asking you to come back, are doing so because they think its the right thing and are concerned about you. Why respond in a way that shuts everything down, and makes you the jerk? Could have just said no, but thanks for asking. Or no, I have a problem with the way we__________, and I just don't see that changing. At least that would have gotten them to think about the subject, and not just how nuts and shocking you sound.

    When someone suggests you write the society, explain that the current direction of the service department, is that questions be dealt with by the local elders primarily. That IS the policy.

  • LostGeneration

    Nice line!

    I would agree that it could open you up to more questioning. But if you kept stating this over and over, no matter what else is asked then they really have no answer.

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