What advise would you give to young people today.

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  • panhandlegirl

    I agree with what Hortensia said but I would add to live eveyday as if it was your last and be a good friend to others.This life may be all we have, we have to make the most of it.


  • hellenback

    1) Get An Education

    2) Rely on & follow your instincts they are almost without exception right.

    3) Trust noone that claims they are the sole distributers of truth(THEY ARE NOT)

    4) Treat everyone you meet the same unless they F**K with you.

    5) Travel the world as much as you can & work. You will find everyone is the same. Same hopes & fears. You will make same lifelong freinds along the way from different cultures & your lives will be enriched for it.

    6) Educate yourself buy reading differing opinions you will normally get to the truth on a subject by doing so.

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