What advise would you give to young people today.

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  • jam

    I was thinking about this today, many of the things I was told

    about life was a lie. We were duped by the WT and by religion as

    whole. Yet I wouldn,t advise a young person not to get involve in

    some type of religious organization even though I,am an agnostic.

    So , the kids born today, what advise would you give?

  • shamus100

    Stay away from monkeys.

    And jobie nitwits

  • free spirit
    free spirit

    I would allow my children to learn about all kinds of religion and let them choose what they feel is right once they've done the research. I will never advocate one religion over another. Rather, as a "God believer", I would teach my child principles from the bible, but understand that we don't know for sure if certain things happened because of so many years and translations ago. Point blank, I'd say, be a good person, be respectful, humble, use your critical thinking skills and just do what makes you happy (as long as it isn't illegal or harmful).

  • DarioKehl

    I think explaining critical thinking methods is the most important skill set. Not only can it inoculate you from heavy indoctrination, it can protect you from falling for all kinds of scams: commercial, new age, conspiracy theory, etc.

    Sadly, critical thinking skills are not taught in public schools and inside groups like the JWs, "independent thinking" is boldly vilified. If young people knew what logical fallacies were and how to identify them, I think that would help them tremendously.

  • jam

    shamus 100, yes that would be the first thing I would tell, stay away

    from the"jobie nitwits".

    free spirit:definitely, think for yourself critical thinking skills.

  • problemaddict

    I would want to try to give my kid a sense of things greater than himself, an understanding of the neccesity to help others that need it, and to teach that kid to think for themselves and to do the right thing especially when it is the hard thing to do.

    That and to not marry a crazy person.

  • Hortensia

    get an education

    learn to think for yourself

    question everything

    learn a marketable skill

  • ohiocowboy

    Be true to yourself, and treat others in the way you would like to be treated.

  • smiddy

    Definetly learn critical thinking skills

    " go for as high an education as possible

    " get them to read up on mind control and cults and ,the techniques they use

    " and hopefully instill in them an empathy and love for people who do not have the same advantages they were given

    " and not be judgemental about people who are less fortunate than you are


  • pbrow

    good topic jam...

    I look at it from perspective of having young children that are still associated with the jdubs because of their mother. I like to tell them that our job as parents is to teach them to use their head. To ask questions and not stop until it makes sense. That understanding will of course grow with them but if something doesnt feel right even when they are young then there is a reason it doesnt. My wife and I just joined a church right down the road from us simply because it shows them a different angle and also because they see the "worldy" people at this church of christendom and it doesnt jive with what they hear at the kingdom hall with their mother. When they hear at the kingdom hall that you have to pay to go to church, We can walk with them up to the pastor and directly ask him "how much do we have to pay to come here?" When the pastor said "absolutely nothing" that was more powerful than me telling my kids a hundred times that you dont have to pay money to a church. While I am not a fan of any organized religion I can see the merit in being involved, being part of the community of church.

    I am of the opinion if I tried to completely remove the jdubs from their lives then the jdub life may become the forbidden fruit. I want them to be able to objectively look at the jdubs or any other church for that matter and be able to say "no thanks" In my view you cant say, have an open mind, be a critical thinker and on the other hand tell them to stay away from the jdubs. Its like I tell my kids, if someone doesnt want you to learn something or read a certain book its because they are hiding something from you. Dont limit yourself.


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