Who is the Real faithful and discreet slave?

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  • Honeybucket

    In words of an elderly sister about the new light, "Lets wait for the watchtower to tell us what to do"

    And I say, "just give me the damn koolaid now"

  • Perry

    Identical to the office of Pope in the RCC

  • mP

    There is no FDS, Jesus was telling a simple story about slaves being in complete obedience to their masters. This theme can be also found in his other directions to pay tax, oeby caesar and so on. THree is no hidden message there. How anyone can identify a single person, or a group from what amounts to a single word is purely dishonest invention.

  • kjw53

    Its impossible for the faithful and discreet slave to include the entire body of followers. 1) they are to give spiritual food at the proper time( lead teachers) the master( Jesus) apointed these over his domestics( teachers) also will appoint them over all of his belongings( flock) So the faithful and discreet slave are Jesus's appointed top teachers.

  • mrsjones5

    What mP said, there is no FDS. It's simply a teaching story, a parable. Nothing more.

  • trillaz

    Jesus could have been talking about himself.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Who are the real Faithful Slaves?

    1. Lars58

    2. Rick Fearon E-watchman

    3. JehovahJirah

    4. A-(what's my friends name here, I forgot her name but she is part of the Slave).

    5. Kool-Aid Man

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia
  • Listener

    kjw53 I am wondering where you are getting your ideas from? The WTBTS does not teach this and I have never heard of your interpretation before.

  • kjw53

    Listener--- yes that is what is taught by the JW,s

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