Being a JW is like betting on a horse race-

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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    The only ones to win on the horses are the bookies.

    The GB are very good bookies.


  • Finkelstein

    The terrible irony is that instead of people gaining ever lasting lives, some JWS abruptly killed themselves prematurely

    upon a pretentious promise of winning the big grand prize.

    They gambled with their lives and lost

  • irondork

    They're off!

    Teen Born-In had a bit of an awkward start.

    Recently Reinstated broke well.

    Auxiliary Pioneer’s up and on the pace.

    Rank & File Member is in third.

    Territory Servant is fourth to the outside and Elder’s Wife is fifth as they move toward the first turn.

    On the far outside Teen Born-In is going up after that tardy start, all the way up to battle with the leaders.

    Burnt out COBE is next, Sister Short Skirts, Doesn’t Underline His Watchtower and Ministerial Servant With An Erection are in the back of the field as Recently Reinstated leads the way to the back stretch.

    Auxiliary Pioneer is second through a quarter of twenty-four seconds. Rank & File Member is third at the rail. And then comes Teen Born-In and Territory Servant, followed by Elder’s Wife on the inside, five off the lead. Sister Short Skirts is last.

    Past the half mile pole… Auxiliary Pioneer by a length and a half, Recently Reinstated is in second. After that comes Rank & File Member in third. On the far outside, Teen Born-In is moving up and is now fourth, right alongside Territory Servant.

    Territory Servant and Elders Wife are moving together on the far turn while Ministerial Servant with an Erection is gaining on Sister Short Skirts and they’re coming up on Burnt out COBE at the quarter pole. Auxiliary Pioneer in front. Here come Recently Reinstated and Teen Born-In on the outside. Rank & File Member is fourth and they’re into the stretch.

    Elder's Wife and Territory Servant, center of the track, Sister Short Skirts. Into the final furlong… Auxiliary Pioneer!Recently Reinstated! Teen Born-In! Rank & File Member!


    Whew! That was one hell of a race!

  • Tater-T

    lol irondork

  • moshe

    hehehe, irondork

    yes, the GB are the bookies- the odds always favor them.

  • kurtbethel

    The JW is only offered a PROSPECT of a payout on their bet, and no one has ever demonstably won a race, ever.

  • Lapuce

    Yes they always made us run in circles all the time with a carrot hung on a stick. I'm so happy that I am not part of this race where no one ever wins.

  • Zordino

    Irondork, that is Hillarious!

  • WTWizard

    A small investment. Obviously, someone thinks one's whole life and soul, plus damnation for your soul to repeat this process endlessly, is a small investment. At that, one that has led everyone to take a bath since they started this crap way back in 1872.

  • mamochan13

    Love it, Irondork.

    Gamblers keep betting even when they lose money for several reasons. Gambling psychology keeps you believing you are going to hit the jackpot if you keep trying. Once you've invested so much, it becomes harder and harder to walk away.

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