Being a JW is like betting on a horse race-

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  • moshe

    You can win almost everytime, if you have insider information! That is what the WT all but promises- you can cheat death and live forever in a paradise earth! But you need inside information to win that race-- and you can only get it from the Governing Body - the meat in due season, is the equivalent to the horse race insider tip- it's like a sure bet folks!!

    One horse racing insider subcription service advertises- "However, it is widely known that insiders (owners, trainers, jockeys, grooms, clockers, etc.) have access to information that is not available in the racing form. If you were using insider information to invest in the stock market you could be in trouble, but there is no law against using insider information to bet on horses---Of course not every tip is a winner, but we have seen more than a few return a big payout!"

    -Who doesn't want a big payout? Who doesn't want to the special one, in the know? It only takes a small investment of time and money to get that monthly WT rag and study it with the elders at the KH to make sure you understand how to use the Governing Body's insider information- which is all but guaranteed to come straight from heaven. it doesn't get any better than that folks! You can't succeed alone- it has to be in the KH!

    Come on Sea Biscuit!

  • Ding

    Trouble is, the finish line keeps moving away!

  • Tater-T

    except JW's never pick a winner

  • moshe

    JWs keep doubling down their bets don't they? The payoff is just around the corner--

  • 00DAD

    Except you might actually WIN something betting on the horses!

  • moshe

    I have only bet on the Kentucky Derby race a few times- and lost. I worked with a guy one time, who had partial ownership in a racehorse and he said anyone who was willing to invest (lose) $30,000, could learn how to bet on horses and come out ahead-- Someone brought in the racing form for the offtrack betting parlor and he circled the horses he thought were likely to win. Two guys and their wives went to the betting parlor that night with those tips and their table walked away with almost $2000 in actual profits for the night--

  • moshe

    You would think the JWs would give up after losing every year for 20-30 years, but the diehards hang on.

  • GLTirebiter

    But for 98% of them, the "place" payout is the best they can hope for. Only 144,000 have "win" tickets, and they're all sold out.

  • moshe
    Only 144,000 have "win" tickets, and they're all sold out.

    and they're just the Domestics now, -and I thought those positions were finished a long time ago-


    Being a JW is like betting on a horse race-

    Only nobody tells you..

    The WBT$ Horse is Dead..

    ........................  mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

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