"Shepherd" book published online by National Broadcasting Agency in Norway!

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    It is still going on for the fifth day exposing it from various angles.

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    Yan Bibiyan


    Well, here I am, as promised - eating my words....

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    I wrote one of the writers of the article...here's her response, my original email at bottom:

    Hello, and thank you for your input. It is interesting that not all the states require a clergy to report a sexual misconduct in the US. Here in Norway the law is very clear; you should always contact the police even if you only suspect misconduct. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Kristine Hirsti


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    Sendt: 14. desember 2012 23:26
    Til: Kristine Hirsti
    Emne: Article on your website.

    Sorry, I am from the States and do not speak Norwegian. I imagine that you speak English as most Scandinavians are excellent linguists. I am an (inactive) Jehovah's Witness that disagrees with many of the teachings and policies. I would get in trouble by saying that to my local Elders. I read your article with the help of Google translator. It was talked about online on a JW discussion website (mostly inactive and X-JWs)...and I noticed that the response from the Watchtower PR people said multiple times that they always contact the Police. I think they exaggerated this point so people would think that the organization does the right thing...always. That is not the case however. Here in the U.S. some states do not require clergy to report sexual misconduct (a severe flaw with the law) Elders here are first required to contact the WT legal dept. in Brooklyn NY...BEFORE anyone else. If it is determined that they live in an area that does not require reporting to Police the Legal Dept. spokesperson will tell them they have fulfilled their duty, and are done. If they do live in a "reporting state" where it is required...then the are instructed to go to a pay-phone and make an anonymous report to the police.

    It might be interesting to ask a JW official in Norway if they are such a united organization (under God) why the disparity? Why not make it policy to always contact police...and not from a pay-phone. I hope more newspapers here in the U.S. do stories about the WT Society. Thank-you for your time!


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