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  • AuntBee

    What an AWESOME offer, Kurtbethel!!

    Will someone get Terry a literary agent?

  • kurtbethel

    It will be right up there with Diary of an Armageddon Survivor. I need to know the title though, to make this happen.

  • Finkelstein

    " The Holy Ones of Beth Sarim "

  • Phizzy

    needs a bump, such a good story that I can believe it actually happened !

  • Terry

    Tell me the title and I will make it into an ebook for you, including a free custom cover.

    It would be more of an e-pamphlet:) I've got several such stories. Better to make it an e-book of short stories.

    It could be along the lines of I, Claudius and title the book; I, Witness

  • HappyDad


    This is priceless. You should be making money with your writings.

    HappyDad (more mellow than I was some years ago)

  • Terry

    This is priceless. You should be making money with your writings.

    I've toyed with creating a kind of Comic Book of JW characters starting with William Miller and meandering through the history of Adventism, bible students and the invention of the JW nut-religion up to modern times with a lot of outrageous humor and a great deal of actual fact.

    But, unless my efforts really amounted to something beyond a momentary diversion it just wouldn't be worth the strain and the drain on the brain! )

  • james_woods

    You forgot to mention what kind of whisky.

  • Terry

    You forgot to mention what kind of whisky.

    Alas, I'm at the age where I can't tolerate the hard stuff. I'm a wine kinda guy. Cabernet Sauvingnon.

    In my feckless reckless Yoot I was a Vodka or Brandy imbibing rascal.

    Today that would lay me out on a slab.


  • james_woods

    One can always put water in ones whisky, which makes it equivalent.

    BTW - I was going to ask you - what are you doing for Christmas day feasting?

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