They really do love their sign, don't they...

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  • Chaserious
  • Chaserious
  • Chaserious

    Sorry about those blank posts... cat walking across the computer. =)

    If there is a way to erase, it'd be great to hear, but it doesn't appear so.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    That reminds me of the film It's A Mad Mad World starring Spencer Tracy where they all race around trying to find the money buried under a big W .

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    The only way women can get to the top in this organisation is if they do sign maintenance on the roof.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    I didn't know Dub ladies could organise new light !

    Maybe it's allowed if they keep their heads covered in hard hats.

  • Heaven

    "Here's You're Sign"... thanks to Bill Engvall

  • Fed-up

    They may be going for Nostalgia and Heritage here. If so, it's brilliant!

    Connecting the past with the present, somehow linking the two with, what's the word... Ah, yes, "overlap". Overlapping the generation that saw "the sign" when it said "SQUIBB" with those who change the lightbulbs, current and perhaps future. (Quote from article accompanying this video on " The sign requires regular maintenance. Several generations of young men have worked on the sign..." Give me a break. The double-speak is genius! I was joking, but this seems almost overtly subliminal!) Seriously, exactly HOW MANY "generations" of young men have worked on that sign since 1969? Coincidentally, 1969 is the same year Awake! confidently stated 'If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things...'

    Wait. Are those incandescent? Tungsten filament? No! Good. Old lights extinguished! So glad the dim bulbs were replaced when holy spirit revealed the new fangled, cost cutting "Light-Emmitting Diode" to the GD/FBS. (According to Wikipedia, red LED's were commercially available in 1968, though, "the light output was not enough to illuminate an area". The light would have to get brighter...) Anyone not 'annointed and living at headquarters' would run the risk of out right apostasy for pointing out the obvious...Better to just wait on Jehovah. Right.

    With the "WatchTower-centric" thinking on EVERYTHING (the trumpet blasts of Revelation, for example) would it really surprise anyone if the new understanding of "the sign of the conclusion of the of this system of things" is one day re-written to include the Watchtower sign? Or if Josh Groban and Prince were appointed to the GD/FBS to attract the youth (because they're soooo hip, witness-friendly and "cool"? (Prov. 17:27)) And what if college education is finally deemed acceptable if it's done in smaller increments, perhaps, fractionally (transfusion logic applied)?


    That it was done by people having no experience only means that it was RE-done, RE-peatedly, until they finally got it. All the time being reminded that "the Titanic was built by professionals, Noah's ark by volunteers". An object lesson on how the Governing Body is doing its job, perhaps...? 'We have never done this before. We are inexperienced, voluntary, non-pros...Give us enough stabs at it and eventually we'll get the sign and which generation it belongs to right...'

    And the background music is nauseating.

    We want to leave because of lack of love, false prophecy and perpetual frustration (and hypocisy and covering over child molestation and overbearing control and...)

    Maybe, just maybe, they can get us to stay with sentiment. Just seems like another form of guilt, to me.

    (and it is definitely a commercial, DATA-DOG is so right! Remember: Advertise, Advertise, Advertise the Bling and his Pulp Doctrine)


    That being sighed, the BEST JOB EVER at bethel would be changing those bulbs! To see that sky line from that!

    Rant complete. over and out.

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