Big WORDS that don't mean much at all

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  • Terry

    The idea that there is something I can do to help other people should be an idea I'm eager to embrace.

    After all, I'd accept another person wanting to help me.

    If we help each other we are stronger.

    But, the idea that there is something I need to do to "help" god is rather questionable.

    If I am but an imperfect drawing the Great Artist has sketched....well, He is free to wad me up and toss me into file 13.

    But, all mothers, fathers and children everywhere are His fingerpainting. If we are messy and untidy and clash with his curtains....the fault, dear Brutus, is

    with those Eternal Paint-stained fingers of Jehovah.

    Do we really need to spend our few seconds of vanishingly narrow existence apologizing because of who and what we are?

    "It is he that hath made us and not we ourselves" comes pretty close to a good excuse for our slovenly status.

    I'm just sayin'......maybe we ought not be so quick to praise the talent of Mr. Heavenly artist.

    We just the result of millions of years of evolution.

    That would mean we are actually and factually the FINEST result of millions of successes and not the detritus of one big failure.

  • AGuest

    As a mother, I am more than ready to accept that my children's faults/flaws are MY fault, dear Ter (again, peace to you!). The questions are, though, are they and should I? Really, what child is benefitted by blaming their parent(s) for all of their errors: their poor judgment, bad conduct, wanton desires (and I'm not saying what kind of desires - whatever such one knows is wanton for THEM), mistreatment of others, etc.

    I would be a terrible parent if I excused myself from ALL of my children's negative outcomes; they are a product of me as well as of choices I made, and how I taught them to make choices. At some point, though, don't they have the right to choose... for themselves? And if/when they do... am I to be blamed if it's a poor choice? Did I "make" them MAKE such [a] choice(s)? Does how I raised them have an impact on EVERY choice they make? What if, say, they learned some bad behavior at school - am I to blame because (1) I made them, and (2) chose the school(s) they attended, and (3) gave them no other choice but to meet certain kids and learn certain behavior?

    If so, when does my part end? When they're 18? 28? 58? 80?

    If our negative conduct/hate, etc., is the result of how God made us... then those who are rich had no choice. Those who are doctors had no choice. Those who are scientists had no choice. Those who CHOOSE to "check out" of a system almost to onerous for anyone to navigate... had no choice (they were destined for the streets). No one had a choice... as to anything in their lives.

    And so, there really is no such thing as "free will." In which case, it doesn't matter, does it, whether there is a God or there isn't? Because we couldn't CHOSE to serve Him - HE would make that choice FOR us.


    We're not paintings, dear one. Nor are we robots. We are living, breathing, beings of flesh and blood... with the capacity to choose. Even if our choices are poor... and render us (or, perhaps others) homeless, sick, even dead... we still had them.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • moshe

    The obsequious JW stooges used to be very vociferous preachers of the WT message, but now due to the openly perfidious nature of the Governing Body and increasingly numerous perspicaciuos thinking JWs, there has been an ever expanding number of obstreperous JWs who have quit the WT religion. Our dear Terry, who carefullty excogitates all the philosophical possibilities in ex-JW land is one of our foremost senior members. Thanks to Terry, we are not fooled by the gasconade of any religious leader. Nay, our life is much more proficuous thanks to Terry and Simon's JWN forum.

    --the big word for the day is: sesquipedalian

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Moshe, I believe your above paragraph is my all time favorite here on JWN!!!

    Now, I have a couple of words to look up!

  • Terry

    Moshe, did you ever see the movie ROBIN and the 7 HOODS?

    Start at the 2:00 mark

  • moshe

    Thank You RVW .

    I do use some of these words when I write. I did a Google news search and only two of these words had not been used recently by journalists and bloggers - excogitate and gasconade.

  • moshe

    Great clip, Terry! I think I should craft a sesquipedalian comeback for JWs that would be a real kick in the keester for them, except they wouldn't even know I had given them the boot. hehehe

  • moshe

    I see I fumbled my keyboard- it's perspicacious.-

  • Terry

    When I was in High School I actually learned 16 new vocabulary words a day!

    Yeah, nutty, huh?

    But, I'd try and work those words into conversations and homework assignments.

    Naturally I got a reputation for being a gigantic pedantic GEEKazoid par excellence:)

    I suppose any attention was better than no attention at all.

    I wrote a nonsense poem for an English assignment that was intended to get laughs.

    Instead, everybody treated it SO SERIOUSLY! I couldn't believe it.

    I only remember a wee bit of it:

    While timely passing in my mind romantic interludes

    deep, dark, twisted vines of doubting then precludes.

    Ensuing: both the dank and deep of actions now past known

    Avenging weeds which granked and gleeped (the morbid memory moaned!)

    Old Pockle, sweeply, grively tell...please murmur mountly prove

    That daggered neeply bodly thrives in ancient motley grooves.

    *************** Can't remember anything more..*****************

    The teacher asked me, "Old Pockle...that's the Devil, right?"

    I wondered "why?" anybody would take that as something intended to be straight and, gulp, meaningful!

    Then, one day, years later it dawned on me. I had established a reputation as somebody serious about WORDS!

    I'd put my audience in a state of expectation that I was legitimately communicating with carefully selected terms...perhaps too deep to figure out.

    But, they had granted me the respect anyway.

    Awww, now I felt bad.

  • moshe

    Terry, I suspect their are plenty of students who would pay you good money to write a nonsense poem for a college assignment. Something that, when searched for on the Internet by the professor comes up a big fat zero.

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