Big WORDS that don't mean much at all

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  • Terry

    Weak people need BIG things in their life.

    But, being weak....they can't do the heavy lifting.

    Scratch that!.....they won't do the heavy lifting.

    Instead, weak people puff up. They fill their head with lots of empty thought. BIG thought.

    That way there's no need to look farther than the inside lens of their own corneas.

    Self-talk can be big and soothing and empowering. Tell yourself a little lie and stand back. Do you believe it? CAN you?

    Tell another person a little lie about yourself. Do they believe it? WILL they?

    String the big thoughts together like beads on a strand and wear them about your neck. Aren't they pretty?

    See my shiny, expensive beads? That's not popcorn, brother--those are rare pearls! GENUINE PEARLS?

    (Did they believe you?)

    You see, the world is pretty much over run with all kinds. Silly people, greedy people, barbarous and cruel.....

    But, they all grow accustomed to it--thinking BIG thoughts. They have a taste and it goes down smooth...

    Maybe there are more kind and smiling souls than the other kind?


    The good ones--I'm saying, the ones who just work at it and work hard.

    They can plant a seed. They take the trouble to water. The bloom comes and those flowers make the sunshine want to bathe the neighborhood in smiles.

    The hard workers don't need big thoughts. They don't use BIG words. They're just too busy bringing color and blossoms into everybody's world.

    But, not the weak ones...not the shallow water treading folk. They only need the words.

    What are those BIG words that don't mean much at all? We've all tasted them. They are delicious.

    Your head starts spinning. A woozy wobble hits your heels and the solid earth becomes a merry-go-round.

    How'd that happen? You ask yourself..."Wow! What just happened? WTF just happened?"

    Somebody stood in front of you and said some of those BIG words! That's what just happened, sister....knocked you half way into tomorrow didn't it? Yesssss.

    Like a cold drink on a hot summer day it was. Made your eyeballs dance like the slot machine with all those lemons lined up in a row: DING DING DING DING! Payday!

    Somebody spoon fed you the first taste of...FOREVER. Ohhhh, that's rich. That's a big BIG word: FOREVER.

    And what were the other ones? LIVE FOREVER? Whew--somebody call an ambulence! Would you? Can you? Grab ahold of that and hang on: LIVE FOREVER!!

    "Tell me more, kind sir. Tell me more!"

    Listen to those words. Roll them around and invite them for a sitdown inside that dark room between your ears.


    Let in the biggest words of all: GOD....LOVE....LIVE FOREVER.....


    Bartender--pour us another round! Knock em' back and keep em' comin'!!

    Tell me more...tell me more...

    And the seduction began and the heat inside your arteries ramped up and up and up until you were hot and trembling for it.

    Your pupils dialate. Your breathing comes fast like a big dog on a hot day. Give it to me...give it to me....those really BIG WORDS......

    At night the shadows on your ceiling danced with the melody of your prayers...fresh prayers....sweet BIG WORDS: JEHOVAH....ohh man that's a really big BIG word!!

    Hit me again, Dealer, I've only got a soft 17...take me all the way to 21! WHAM! JEHOVAH! BLACKJACK!!

    Let's celebrate...drinks on the house...everybody have a party....JEHOVAH's gonna drive me home....I can get fallin' down drunk. Ye haw.

    And the rest of your days? What about them?

    What happens, Mister BIG DREAMS if you wake up?

    What ....wakeup?

    Peel yer eyelids back and show those gorgeous red capillaries, my can practically hear the headache on the conga drums...BLAM BLAM BANG BANG WHAM!

    Oh Brother--the rest of your natural life a hulking, hungry monkey is gonna ride you on your back.

    Welcome to the hangover.

    Those stabbing wounds that snap you awake hurt like hell-don't they? Of course, they do. They really do.

    So, you're gonna have to listen to Dirty Harry with the muzzle of that gaping cannon pointed in your eye. Listen up.

    You're gonna have to ask yourself a question: "Do I feel Lucky?"

    Well, do ya, punk?

    Cause you only have two ways to go and they both lead nowhere.

    You can take that needle and jam it into your soul and push the plunger in. Watch those BIG WORDS slide all blowtorchy and wild deep into your arm.

    Cram all the ecstacy in that your exploding mind can handle.

    It only lasts a little while. A little little while. Smaller and smaller are those jolts of pure joy. Longer and longer come the headaches and horrors and blinding lights.

    Big WORDS that don't mean much at ordinary life.

    small words......a life as big as a desktop calendar....and then you die.

    Your decision.

    Which will it be for you?


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Terry . . .

    Two-bit words may sound like a million bucks, but they can't fill the soul nor soothe an aching heart. It depends, I suppose, whether the writer or speaker is showing off. That's vain and useless.

    Apart from my fantasy world of wordsmithed original fiction, I find it's best to get to the point as clearly and quickly as possible.

    I've learned so much since I grew up.


    CoCo Abbreviated

  • dgp

    I like this.

  • AGuest

    Big or small... empty words mean nothing, dear Terry (peace to you!). It's not the size of the words; it's the content, what they convey, and benefit. One can sit around all day and talk about... mmmmm... the pattern of their wallpaper. Small words. Which impart what benefit? Or one can go around all day and talk about life and living. Not just now but in the future. And how (as to both). Which, for those who might condescend to listen, MIGHT receive some benefit.

    And that's the only thing about words that should matter: whether they impart some benefit or not. Otherwise, they have no point... no value. They're merely refuse.

    What we all must remember, though, is that what one man might consider "trash" might be considered by another as "treasure."

    To get the best benefit from words, one should choose them wisely. Both those they give... and those they receive.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • scotoma


    Just noise in the machine.

    The hair folicles in the inner ear vibrate. Hearing is a sense that evolved from touch. Maybe there is a biological meaning to the expression "getting your ears tickled".

  • james_woods

    I think the Germans make some of the biggest words in all human language.

    I had a big line camera in my printing shop that was made in Germany - it had a special word for the shutter/lens assembly release button in the manual.

    It was all one word, and had about 24 letters.

  • Terry

    I guess I meant words that are BIG in importance because somebody says they're big.

    I remember how strange it seemed to me that god needed an actual NAME.

    Jehovah sounded awkward for a long time. Then, after hearing it used over and over again it became normal. Then, when the craziness set it I was ready to give my life just please that BIG WORD!

  • PSacramento
    I remember how strange it seemed to me that god needed an actual NAME.

    And you were correct to find it strange, why would a supreme being need anything?

    When Moses asked for a name he was told that God was the God of his forfathers, that God of Aberaham, Isaac and Jacob, but Moses pressed, he NEEDED a Name, so what did God say?

    I AM WHO I AM. ( some translation read ..THAT I AM).

    Was this God's name? or was this God saying to Moses: Dude, it's enough that I AM, I don't need no freaking human putting a name on me, got it?

    I often wonder how that conversation would have went if it was happening in the 21s century !

    Moses: WHo are you?

    God: I am the God of your father and your ancestors, creator of ther universe, all poweful being !

    Moses: Yeah, but what's your name?

    God: *hispanic accent* Name? NAME? I don't need no stinkin name !!

  • AGuest

    It was strange to me, dear Terry (peace to you!), that God HAD a name (wasn't "God" His name??). But that was because I didn't know there were other gods. And I don't mean like Jupiter, Zeus, Apollo, Mars, Thor (oops, sorry!), etc. I mean other gods such as like Satan being a god.

    But that is what got the two Jehovah's Witnesses who showed up at my door into my house (I invited them come back for a more in-depth discussion "in a few days"): they showed me Exodus 6:2, 3. Well, nobody (i.e., pastors, ministers, priests, teachers, parents, etc.) had ever even told me God had a name, let alone showed a name to me. I thought, "Wellm now, what else haven't I been shown that's 'in the Bible'"?

    And the rest is history. Just debunking that one thing (that God didn't have a name) was what got me lured in. Of course, they covered up one lie (that God doesn't have a name) with another lie (that His name is "Jehovah")... which led to many, many more lies... and so it took me some time to be extracted...

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Malsonilla

    When all is said, written, or done, there are only two things in life; reasons and results.

    The reasons don't matter.

    Take an action, get a result.

    Want a different result? Take a different action.

    Want a better result, take a better action.

    Words are just words until they are manifest through action. They are impotent ideas conveyed from one limited mind to another, abstract, the feather-light thoughts awaiting the wings of cause and effect . . . for every action is a cause set in motion.

    To love . . . just a big word that is meaningless until love itself has been manifest through action. Love is a feeling? LOL, I am sorry but your feeling is only inside of you, and though it keeps you warm and deluded, your word, love, is cold and only exists as an idea inside your pretentious brain waiting to be actuated by your own effort and sacrifice. Until you express your professed love through action, you are a feckless vomiter of action verbs. To walk, to speak, to run, to play, to listen, to live . . . all just words, but action verbs that do not exist until one actually walks, speaks, runs, plays, listens, and lives.

    It is an act of love, so say JW's, when they treat you as dead, do not speak to you, shun you, avoid you, presume micromanage your spirituality, but we all know from experience that their actions manifest hatred for you because of dissimilarity of thought, and not any kind of love as defined in the Bible at 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and if you will notice, even the writer of that Scripture couldn't define love as anything more or less than something that can only be defined in terms of action and behavior, not a feeling.

    We all say to other human beings in one way or another, "If you LOVE me you WILL . . . (action or behavior)", or "if you LOVE me you WON'T . . . (action or behavior). The WTBTS and JW's behave very badly, IMHO, when it comes to loving.

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