My sister owes me 4000 dollars and wont pay up. Any ideas how I can get it back?

by usualusername 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Q. "How do you get rid of unwanted close family or friends?"

    A. Loan them money!

  • biometrics

    Perhaps you can tell her the $4000 is preventing you from returning to the meetings.

  • usualusername

    ÁrbolesdeArabiaYour response made me chuckle...


  • Fernando

    Family is worth more than money, though not always...

    Some family and "friends" one is better without - the endless, relentless and irreformable troublemakers...

  • Terry

    Tell her you've thought about it and decided you won't allow money to poison your relationship. You are going to forgive the debt and never mention it again.

    Then, smile and relax.

    THERE, it's all done.

    You can't force a dishonest person to do anything. But, you can shame a person with decency into doing the right thing.

    Don't fake it. Accept it.

    Be real.

    Watch what happens.

  • usualusername

    I am loving all these options. Terry you have got me thinking...



    $4000.00?..You don`t need it?

    If it was my sister..

    I`d take her for lunch and tell her it was now a gift..

    It would be one of the most memorable lunch`s she ever had..

    .....................................  mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • Tater-T

    as a rule I don't ever loan money I'm not comfortable ending up a gift... you just hope they pay you back and they usually do..

    gift it !!! it's only money..

  • usualusername

    When I say I don't need 4,000 I think I was being too vague. I have tried unsuccessfully for years to get my money back I have given up on it.

    However your brilliant replies have given me some ideas...........

  • NVR2L8

    I wrote off several debts that were partly paid off by having the family member do some work as a token payment. On other occasions it was easier on me to simply wipe off the debt and forget about it rather than keeping worrying about ever being paid back. My only hope is that these JW family members still remember the good I did them and treat me accordingly now that I am no longer a 'brother'.

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