1975 Proves that the Watchtower is deliberately EVIL!!!

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  • ziddina

    This video is a FICTION, but I love it anyway... It puts forth a cynical reason for the "1975" hype...


  • steve2

    Hi ziddina, I will access the youtube clip when I am home.

    One cynical explanation I have heard pertained to the leveling off of growth of JWs in Western countries in the early to mid 1960s. This explanation proposed that the develpment of the doctrine about the mid-1970s (i.e., the claimed end-time of 6,000 years of human existence), was a deliberate ploy to generate a renewed sense of urgency in the organization and get the witnesses increasing their door-to-door work to restore the big growth rates that had occurred from World War Two and throughout much of the 1950s.

    The undisguised hype over 1975 worked absolutely brilliantly in terms of increased levels of door-to-door activity and huge increases in new converts and many backsliders came back into the organization too.

    Whether or not it actually was a cynical ploy by the Watchtower to generate renewed growth (and revenue) can be endlessly debated (I guess) but two facts are beyond debate:

    1. There was spectacular growth in the organization in the immediate years building up to 1975, as measured by peak publishers, numbers baptized, memorial attendances, full time pioneers, number of new bible studies, etc.
    2. There was definite decline in growth in the organization in the years following 1975 as measured by the above-listed variables to the point that, in several countries, the organization experienced many years of decline. (The organization even published in the Watchtower a very awkwardly-worded acknowledgement that said even some of the Watchtower writers fed the speculation about 1975).

    Speaking of feeding the speculation, the organization perversely blamed nameless people, implying it was rank and file witnesses who engaged in most of the speculation. However, the record shows that one of the worst offenders behind the brazen promotion of this now-discarded doctrine was Brooklyn-based Mr Frederick Franz. Who could ever forget hearing this man whip up spiritual frenzies over what could happen in the mid-1970s? One of the public talks at that time was entitled, "Who Will Rule the World in the Mid-1970s?"

    As time passes, "amnesia" develops, history is re-written and occasional passing denials whitewash this shameful stain and exploitation of people's fears. It happened with previous dates, and most noticeably 1874, 1914 and 1925.

  • Finkelstein

    Fred Franz wasn't the chief bible theologian for the JWS, he was the chief bullshit propagandist for the Watchtower publishing house.

    The 6000 years of mankind's existence was done previously by C T Russell, it was nothing but a crooked marketing scheme that worked

    as it intended.

    Thats one thing unique about religion is that you can bullshit and express a ton of misinformation and you have little foreboding consequences

    to endure afterward, something you cant get away with in the fields of science and technology.

  • flipper

    Good thread. It IS pure evil for any organization to promise it's members they will never die, never get sick again, and live forever in a " paradise earth " - and then NOT deliver on those promises . It's a taking advantage of basic human instincts and desires for good health, longevity, and love of life, beauty and serenity- then ripping the rug out from under them because the truth is that ALL cults - WT Society included will NEVER deliver on their promises because they can't. It's beyond their power to do so. They use these promises as a marketing scheme to play on people's deepest emotions to get them sucked into the organization for control and access to Witnesses finances. It is pure evil - no doubt about it

  • blondie

    Saw a documentary Mary Clare Prophet

    Current website: She died in 2009 but her organization goes on. I saw a documentary of Doomsday Prophets recently. It shows members who died that she ever said that a direct nuclear hit would come on the US in 1989. They built underground shelters; people spent all they money and sold all possessions and took out loans to support this construction.

    Beginning in 1986, as she was leaving Los Angeles, Prophet began predicting a possible first-strike nuclear attack by the Soviet Union and urged followers to prepare for this possibility by building fallout shelters and storing food and other necessities for survival. [ 2 ]


    Not much different from WTS in concept and this organization continues till today.

  • seenitall

    The weak attempt in the new January public Watchtower about setting a wrong date still did not say WHO said it. If it would have said the publishers of the magazine, writers of the magazines, leaders, governing body or something to that effect, it would be most welcome. Howerver, the blame goes to a nameless "some" or "collective we". Justification to say - "we are on the watch" is shifting attention, as well. Never will it be acknowledged who did the main heralding of the dates. But, WE all know it came from the top (Franz, other wt / awake writers, COs, DOs). There is so much evidence to support this.

  • NoRegrets

    Great input everyone! Sometimes it takes a while to simplify things down to one thought but I think this is a prime example of how the GB's steps on many issues shows that they know it's all smoke and mirrors and a fraud! NR

  • JustHuman14

    I was only 7....what I recall is the frenzy that existed among the JW's...The end is just around the corner. most of all I recall 1984...I was teanager, and the end was again just around the corner...

    now in my mid 40's, the end is still near...

  • steve2

    My JW mother told me she could not approve of my enrolling in a tertiary journalism paper because this system would pass away in the mid-1970s and I'd have no opportunity to practise as a journalist.

    Sorry, mother, but like the organization you remained loyal to until you died last year, you were dead wrong.

  • Finkelstein

    The other element to the corruption of the WTS. is how they turned the table around at everyone else saying that they got ahead of themselves,

    when this false doctrine was all of the leaders doing, namely F Franz and N Knorr.

    I guess thats the perks of being the top brass you don't have to be held accountable to anyone else in the organization.

    The Presidents/GB members activities are not under scrutiny or accountability, particularly in a religious environment.

    They were the ones who orchestrated the lie and then let everyone else bite into it to various degrees.

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