1975 Proves that the Watchtower is deliberately EVIL!!!

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    Having lived through it and all the guilt laden lectures from the platform it did border on evil.

  • NoRegrets

    Oops, wrong button.

    Anyhow, I had a little light-bulb as I was stirring out of bed this morning that I know all of you have probably already had. The whole hyping of 1975 in the way that the governing body did PROVES that they are evil on purpose. (Or at least once were. Especially under Fred Franz.) Anyone that goes back and starts reading all of the slippery quotes from books, magazines, and kms of the time can see this. The language is so evasive! It is such sideways speak filled with contradictions and legal loopholes.

    So the question begs why? Why the need for escape routes in the articles from the very beginning of the hype? BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS KNEW IT WAS BULLSHIT!!!! Plain as day!

    The whole experience of the hyping of 1975 is one of the most clear-cut, easy to prove, examples that the Watchtower is a dangerous and sinister cult that does what it does deliberately and insidiously!

    Happy Sunday Morning of NOT being at the Kingdom Hall!


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    1975 Proves that the Watchtower is deliberately EVIL!!!

    I agree 100%

    They DID say 1975 would be armageddon(TM). I lived through it and can confirm s an eye witness that they DID!!!

    Then when 1975 came and went they said it was the fault of the R&F for having such ''expectations''. They NEVER apologised and never do.

    Evil through and through! End of!!!

  • clarity

    NoRegrets ..goodmorning,

    it is wonderful to be home Sunday morning, isn't it!


    The gb's denial of the whole 1975thing and that of deluded witnesses

    is really upsetting!


    Their lawyers always make sure of the 'cop-out' clause!


    "WE never said that!".... is, just as you say--------------------->



    Mid seventies was my hayday.

    I flogged flyers, mags, never missed the (indoctrination) mtgs,

    ran around my territory nonstop & had studies coming out of my ears..

    it was all about 1 9 7 5!


    I 'm sure all my kids could have used that attention far better


    The gb were so crafty that they even had the

    'bucket of cold water' ready, to put out the fire! Malawie! (sp)


    They didn't miss a step in late 1975, when the jig was

    seen to be up ........they had Malawie up their sleeves.


    Our attention was switched over to our poor bros & sisters

    getting raped and beaten, and sat in the scorching sun all day..

    I remember feeling just sick about them .... all for the want

    of a stupid little card, gb said they could not have.


    If you r e a l l y look at this 'diversion' you will start to

    suspect that it was a set-up from the start, and not

    a matter of loyalty to jehobah watchtower!!


    They needed something so evil to get the dubs to look away from 1975 fiasco!


    And look we did .....they had us urgently writing to those African Leaders,

    they produced many names and addresses, they created a 'panic'

    and pushed our attention there!


    But ....oh wait .... where was the 1975 END?

    Umm...must have been delayed I guess ...??

    .... while we were so busy with those damn letters.



    My belief is that this Malawian crime was just held in the 'wings'

    for just such a time !


    Think about why the gb allowed all those underhanded tricks

    for bro's in (good) Mexico and not in (bad) Africa?


    As far as I am concerned it was a set-up!!! That is how absolutely

    EVIL they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    clarity ..of the don't tell me they didn't say that!..class

  • Pterist

    Thanks Tater-T..........I had JW friends who sold their homes to finance their full time pioneering work. The towers judgement is coming soon.

  • steve2

    You don't have to be evil to be deluded. Many people heartily believe their own misguided interpretations - and appear genuinely confused when their predictions fail.

    Freddie Franz was big-headed enough to have genuniely believed in his special ability to interpret ancient religious texts. Who can forget his rambling dissertations on prophetic scripture in which he appeared intent on proving to the rank and file how learned he was. In that regard Mr Franz was no different from his predecessors, Chuck Russell (of 1914 infamy) and Rutherford (of 1925 infamy).

    Deluded states of mind obviate the need for bald evil.

  • Finkelstein

    The whole hyping of 1975 in the way that the governing body did PROVES that they are evil on purpose.

    Even more notably to the extent that the WTS. is a commercialized fraud, created from opportunistic ignorant men.

    Most previous JWS and present have no knowledge that the WT organization had used this 6000 years marketing scheme

    previously before toward in proclaiming mankind's existence, it was done way back prior to 1914.

    The WTS and its main orchestraters were alway nothing but religious charlatans, mostly endeavored to attract attention to the published works.

    The organization had really developed itself upon that core platform in its expanding operations, which truly and clearly identifies its

    inherent corruption.

  • Finkelstein

    Let it be clearly understood that the WTS. has been promoting the '' Times of the End " strenuously now as a core part of its doctrines since its

    beginning inception as a religious publishing organization but when one closely examines the history of its doctrines,

    you can see platitude of ignorance combined with self endeavored corruption, in the way the organization aggressively and deviously

    promoted its published goods toward the public.

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