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    DrivesLikeJehu, after all that on Touchstone... Well, shut my damn mouth.

    I think JW apologetics is a spent force. I think the main result from the last decade of the experiment was pretty simple: the JWs really got their clocks cleaned. Not every discussion on every point, of course. But there's a cuulative finally defining where, exactly, the disagreements are between JWs and Christians (or anybody else, I guess). I think, ultimately, the smartest JW apologists wind up with a sort of idea that all the prophetic stuff doesn't really matter -- what matters is the Unitarian/pacifist teachings that are given form by virtue of being in a single church. All the rest of it -- the broken families, the ritual humiliation of field service, the pointlessness of WT study -- is a cost that is (or is not) sufficiently high to throw the whole thing away.

    But it was the guys on Touchstone who made me begin reading the primary sources and such academic work as I have. But then, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Hi daCheech,

    I remember you from the Profind forum. After it had been hacked and then re-established, most of the people went to Topix, so that was where I ended up. Do you remember George from Profind? She followed me to Topix and now posts there as Eagleeye2, but she is still the same troublemaker that she was on Profind. Ah, the good old days!!

  • TheListener

    Wow! I remember you DrivesLikeJehu and RedHorseWoman. Your arguments and those of others profoundly affected me as I was wrestling with my own spirituality. I couldn't wait to read the latest Pro-JW and Anti-JW discussions at Beliefnet and Touchstone Forum.

    Does anyone remember AdamN from Beliefnet? The 607 arguments between AdamN and others really opened my eyes and were one of the main catalysts for me studying deeper and eventually finding freedom.

  • Antioch

    Hey TheListener,

    AdamN = DrivesLikeJehu. I forget why I rebranded to DrivesLikeJehu, whether it was mischievous or simply a change. My name is Adam N***e, hence "AdamN." I actually forgot I went by that on Bnet!

    I was just wondering tonight, who was my 607 discussion partner on Bnet? It started with a "P" I think. Also I'm very glad those discussions led to more than one person being freed!

    Much love,

    AdamN, Antioch, Driveslikejehu

  • Heaven

    This thread, right here, is proof that the Internet is having a positive effect in helping people see TTATT. Awesome!

  • TheListener


    I thought this old thread might be of interest again since I recently found out that another well known apologist on Beliefnet also stopped being a witness. His posting name was "Apologist" and he lead the way for the dub Beliefnet posters.

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