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  • cofty

    It seems like the frenzy of JW apologetics is kinda over, am I right?

    JW apologists that occasionally show up here are light-weights who don't know what they believe anymore.

  • Antioch

    I believe it Cofty. It seems like the online friction between JWs and everyone else has reached kind of an equilibrium.

  • LisaRose

    There is a Redhorsewoman that posts on Topix, maybe it is her.

  • DaCheech

    I miss redhorsewoman too!

    I used to talk to her on a russian website................

    many jw apologists there, and we battled together!

  • DaCheech

    yeah, it's definetely the one I used to interact with (the russian site was profind)

  • out4good3

    Redhorsewoman still occasionally post on

  • designs

    Redhorsewoman is great, best friend you could have.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Okay, so DrivesLikeJehu found me over on Topix. Somehow, despite my not coming here for ages (mainly because it got so busy I simply couldn't keep up with everything and manage to get more than 2 hours sleep a night) I did remember my password. Reading the verification stuff was not that great, though.

    The news he gave me on the Topix PM was just too good to pass up, so I had to come here to offer my congratulations. Seems that anyone who really wants to research in order to build strong JW arguments tends to end up discovering that the "Truth" is not really the truth.

    Hope all are well!

  • smiddy

    Another success story ? kudos to you both


  • AnnOMaly

    It seems like the frenzy of JW apologetics is kinda over, am I right? Is there anyone at the intellectual forefront anymore? Back in that day everything was a fresh argument to explore but now it seems like everyone has shown their hand and the cards have been set for awhile. No new damning revelations to help JWs break free?

    I think you're right. Those who were at the front line defending JW doctrine tooth and nail on a more intellectual level have either run out of steam or realized how weak their position is and/or turned to 'the dark side' ;-) Also, some of the doctrinal hands dealt in your debating heyday are no longer seen to be valid. Since 2006 when you left, the last of the GB 1.0 membership has died off, new guys have come in and this GB 2.0 has been making significant organizational and doctrinal changes. How can doctrinal positions be fought for in a such a changeable climate? (E.g. have you heard what they have just done to the FDS teaching?) On a subconscious level, it's got to have an effect on their confidence, right?

    The only one who still seems to be fighting at the moment (although rarely on forums, to my knowledge) is Furuli. He brought out a new edition of his Bias/Translation book not too long ago. Last year, his off-beat ideas defending WTS chronology got officially rubber-stamped by being published in the public edition Watchtower. New updated and expanded editions of his two books are being released now so it's still a hot topic. I can't think of anybody else still forging ahead at the moment.

    Glad you and RedhorseWoman found each other in the end and that life is going well for you :-)

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