What is up with the influx of electronic readers at the Kingdom Hall

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  • finallysomepride

    many a great article in playboy & penthouse that they could be reading instead

  • tiki

    wow - i've been out of the loop for a really long time!!! old ladies with ipads?!?!!?!?!? amaZING!

  • badseed

    It's allowed because what would the elders' wifes do without their iphones for a few hours. If it was just a teenager thing, they'd have them burn those damn things in the kingdom hall parking lot. It's all about the perspectives..lol.

    btw, met some jws this morning, they're going online..lol. From what I understand it'll be easier to offer the message in more languages.

  • finallysomepride

    wow - i've been out of the loop for a really long time!!! old ladies with ipads?!?!!?!?!? amaZING!

    Yeah, sound really weird to think that they are taking along items that HQ once condemned, I have not been to the KH for over 10 years, things have changed so much

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    When I attended 2012 summer convention session I saw them everywhere. JWs sitting in front of me and off to the side all had iPads. I notice that, like me, several were looking up scriptures in the NWT from their pad rather than in a Bible. Several gave their pads to their children to look at when they started getting restless.

    I finally pulled out my own Droid and started catching up on my emails and sending text messages. No one even gave me a second look (in spite of the fact that I had no badge and wasn't wearing a tie).

    I certainly hope that more JWs will spend time, especially while sitting in the cheap seats at stadiums and larger convention halls looking up ex-JW websites and watching JW themed videos on YouTube in order to stay awake...


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I have apps for my new SmartPhone that include the NWT, a KH finder, and two versions of the WT Library (limited to post-2000 pubs). Of course, if you are desperate you can login to JW.org and read the mags and books online.

    It will be interesting to see how the Watchtower deals with this over time. I think they will take a hard line for a while if they see too many on their e-readers, smart phones, and pads. But they may not like the eventual reaction, especially from newer and younger members, if they ban the use of them completely around KHs and Assembly Halls. I guarantee you that the next generation now still in their "little boy" pants will not give up their electronics as easily as earlier generations.

    I think that is a good thing. The WT and GB better learn how to deal with it and find a way to use the new technology to their advantage and not demonize modern communication technology they way they have done with computers, the Internet, and advance medical treatments. Eventually they will realize we are not herding sheep and fishing for mullet like the people of Bible times, but actually live in an era of instant communication, fast food, and bloodless surgery.



    The only rule that I have heard is that Brother can't use it on stage to give a talk. You must have a WTBTS sanctioned outline. I think they will eventually cease printing and beam the GB thoughts directly in to the brains of the sheep. Every morning you will get an automatic upgrade to adjust your mind to the new light! JW MIND-FI !!! Our DO's favorite new saying is " upgraded understanding "!!!! The new FDS teaching is an " upgrade "...

  • Fernando

    Load with their own older publications?

    Why not?

    I would add "Enemies" and "Religion" by Judge Rutherfraud. At some point they may discover what he actually taught and promoted:

    ALL religion is a snare and a racket.

    He did not promote any such concept as "true religion" or "false religion".

  • Pterist

    The WBTS printing days are over. They are in new dangerous Territory, as they push JW.ORG and sell off property and distribution centers around the world, they will need to steer the flock away from all other internet sites that will expose their errors. They will probably team up with Amazon and sell their own "hard wired" approved Internet tablet divise, that will be highly restrictive and monitored.


  • jgnat

    At the last District Assembly, the same day we heard a talk about the dangers of electronic devices, we chatted with a sister sporting her iPad. She easily justified its use, as she described the ways she restricted it to spiritual purposes.

    There weren't that many iPads in attendance. I had my toys with me and nobody commented.

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