Derren Brown Fear & Faith

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  • dozy

    I'm a big Derren Brown fan & enjoyed these episodes - interesting from an ex-JW perspective ( where essentially all of us were fooled , consciously or subconsciously by the society ).

    Especially interesting is ( in part 2 ) where he convinces a totally atheistic stem cell scientist to have a religious conversion in 15 minutes. Presumably this is the same mechanism where JWs become "anointed" ( or where evangelicals become born again etc. )

    He also touches on subliminal images ( Larsinger please note!)

    Fascinating to watch.....

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I'm not a fan but did make an effort to record and watch that program.

    The experiences of those placed in the old pitch dark underpass (or whatever it was) was very telling indeed, ... the sceptic sat there quite happy for the full 10 minutes and made note of the noises of trains passing etc, but the other 3 freaked out and started seeing weird shapes and feeling 'a presence'.

    This (as DB alluded to) is all in the mind.

  • notjustyet

    I am a huge Derren Brown fan, I think it is some of his work and showing how the mind cna be tricked that got me to thinkiing about the idea that I could have ben being decieved by the BORG.

    Those links above do not work for USA viewers, try this one for the 1st episode.


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I've seen his do some fascinating things. Unfortunately, the links don't work (at least for me).

    My favorite episode is when he made the sun disappear in the middle of a desert. He actually put a guy to sleep, reset his watch, waited for the sun to go down, then woke him up. It was hilarious, especially when the guy looked at his watch. I also enjoyed the one where he made a woman into a professional concert pianist in one week. The trick was, she already was a concert pianist. He just made her forget.

    Someone like Derren Brown can be dangerous if he's not bound by ethics. He seduced a number of gals at a bar by telling them exactly what they wanted to hear. Too bad he's gay.

    Wonder if he can convince a gay person that they're straight and vice versa?

  • Satanus

    I don't trust him.


  • cantleave

    I don't trust him

    In what way don't you trust him Satanus?

  • besty

    haha - he convinced me to turn my TV up to maximum and I might be able to smell fresh mint :-)

    I don't trust a man like that :-)))

  • cantleave

    He's brilliant - Amelia Ashton has met him a few times (and been invited back to his his changing room - Ohhh Errr).

    I saw him live earlier this year, the show was amazing.


    Yes Derren Brown is superb. But then people from the south of England tend to be exceptional. He lives in Clifton , Bristol . I have his book ‘Tricks of the Mind’ and a set of his videos. Watching him is very revealing in terms of how easily the mind can be tricked.

    Most people are only partially aware of the many subtle influences that affect their state of mind of what they accept as reality. He is also a successful painter of celebrity caricatures.

  • cantleave

    But then people from the south of England tend to be exceptional..

    I couldn't agree more

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