Since Fluff is Allowed (and Often Preferable): Stupid, Asinine, Gross, Ridiculous, and other "Bad" Commercials?

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  • AGuest

    For me, it's a "Liquid Plum'r Deep Impact" commercial that just sets my teeth on edge. In it, the (mousey looking) "housewifey" woman (who is obviously married to an impotent tyrant and has about 8 kids) is in the grocery store, holding a bottle of the product, while fantasizing about the two guys who come to "snake the drain" and "flush the pipe, Baby"... to a Barry White-ish voice narration. The two guys turn out to be hunks in the meat and produce sections that she's obviously fantasizing about.

    Now, I have NO problem with some woman fantasizing about some hunks... and given the success of the romance novel industry I would be a fool to think bored housewives are among these. But seriously... it's DRAIN OPENER. And yes, I do get the innuendo... and that's my issue: (1) I can't imagine that a women wrote that commercial (I could be wrong, though - not all are loyal to the sisterhood)... but also (2) is someone really gonna choose Liquid Plum'r over, say, Drano... because some lady was casted on TV as fantasizing about having her "pipes cleaned" by her local hunky grocers???

    I mean, I can see it now, a RL woman standing there, thinking, "Hmmmm... this one has worked every time I've used it before AND it's two dollars cheaper... but THAT one will get me all hot and bothered! Oh, yeah, it's THAT one for me!"

    If I need drain cleaner I'm gonna buy it cause it works. Well, okay, and maybe because it's cheaper than the other - but it has to work; otherwise, it's the extra $2. AND, wait, don't more overbearing (i.e., controlling) husbands buy/use drain cleaner than their mousey housewives?? J/K - I mean don't more menfolk use more than womenfolk - (not to disregard my very capable sisters... who can not only bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, but snake the dang drain when the bacon fat creates a clog... without wanting to throw their panties at some imaginary grocery store guy!)

    Call me overreactive, and I do realize sex "sells"... and so much of what is sold today is sold on that basis... but are the ads for, like, the "frustrated" guy who hasn't had a "date" since the third of never and so has to clean his own dang toilet/flush his own drain?

    So, okay, they now have commercials (and movies and TV shows - praise JAH!) geared toward guys with kids. And guys who cook. And guys who carpool. And guys who do laundry. When, pray tell, are they gonna come up with one where guys unplug drains/clean toilets??

    Okay, nevermind. Ignore this thread. Really. I just hate that commerical, is all... and its representation of the "poor little" housewife in it (who actually cleaned up pretty good in her fantasy)... and wanted to "share" that.


    SA, on her own...

  • tec


    (I haven't seen the commercial though... but this is a funny post)



    (who unclogged the kitchen and bathroom drain... without using a snake or calling a plumber... just by reading the instructions on the draino/plumber/can't remember which one... that a certain someone in this house didn't read - real men don't need instructions ya know)

    (though that same someone does fix everthing else, but a girl has got ta brag when she can)

  • sir82

    The purpose of advertising is to get the product name embedded into your head. Your subconscious will take over from there.

    The fact that you can write several paragraphs about it, and it annoys you so much that you want to write about it, shows that it has worked in your case.

    You may say "I'll buy a product because it works", but many $millions have been spent on dozens of studies which indicate that "because it works" is rarely the primary consideration when considering which product, out of many similar, you will buy.

    Advertising execs may produce dumb commercials, but they ain't dumb.

  • tec

    I do not like those car commercials that show just how much more loving you, your family, the world, and the meaning of life will be if only you buy this particular car. (or any other product that has that kind of big dramatic commercial) Those ones drive me nuts, and since I can't remember them specifically... their advertising did not work on me. HA.

    Peace ;)

  • AGuest

    Actually, it didn't work, dear Sir (peace!), at least not how the advertisers wished it to. I couldn't remember the name and so had to "rewind" to get it AND I can almost say with certainty that I will NOT buy it just BECAUSE it irritates the heck out of me. Unless it's on sale or I have a coupon for at least $2 less, of course, and then all bets are off. Otherwise, I wouldn't give them my money, in protest if for no other reason.

    And sorry about the long post. Wanted to share it. Nohmsayin'? Jus' sayin'.


    SA, on her own...

  • ShirleyW

    I'm tired of those transvaginal mesh commercials and what the heck is transvaginal anyway?!?!

  • minimus

    Lol ShirleyShirley

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    sir82....I'd say you're right!

    If they can get people talking about their ads...that's more FREE advertising.

    Well done whoever created that advertsing campaign...LOL People are bringing your product to other peoples attention, whether they would buy it or not...ROFL

  • mrsjones5

    I love that liquid Plummer commercial...I truly don't know why. Maybe the sublime sexual tension?

  • LisaRose

    Where I live they keep running ads for those walk in bathtubs. These two people are sitting around talking about "poor mom" and how she can't get in and out of the tub. Apparently she is also senile, as her children have to decide she needs a walk in tub. Later, you see mom, completely healthy now, asking if anyone is up for power yoga. Apparently these tubs are so miraculous, a person who previously couldn't even get in and out of a regular bathtub can now do power yoga!

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