Dave Brubeck passes at 91

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  • minimus

    Terry, I like some jazz like Brother George Benson. I love the sax! But I truly love r&b.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    My Dad used to take us to a 'bible study's' house, where the potential convert was a Jazz nutter. Jazz was frowned apon by my Mum because of it's demonic 'beat', but we had to put up with it so as not to put off the convert. The subterfuge was successful and the convert now shuns his children who have not stayed with the cult.

    Dave Brubeck is very cool in my book and I'm sure that is because of those days when I had to listen to him and his ilk so that Dad could process another convert.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    That is interesting Black Sheep because most of my introduction to a lot of jazz came from the JW who studied with me. He had all kinds of jazz records. We would listen to his records together and he would loan them to me. Dagney would know who he was because she was also friend with him and his wife.

  • Dagney

    (hmmmm...you'll have to remind me I quit!)

    Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain" is beautiful from around the same time also.

    My brother and sister are much older than me and they both introduced me to their music as young adults. My brother fancied himself a bit of a "beatnik" and so I was listening and discussing jazz with him from very early on.

    So many jazz musicians led troubled lives. Dave Brubeck managed to avoid the dark side and live a quite wonderful life. He was a gift.

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