JWs Could Learn A Lot from the First Baptist Church

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  • WTWizard

    The witlesses believe everything needs to be drab. Their calendars are so wimpy--the artwork is hardly art, and it glorifies ancient Israel more than anything else (or its own filthy depiction of the LIE-ble or their modern activities). There is barely room to write anything on them.

    Calendars aren't the only drab thing about the witlesses. Dirty colors on their suits (they insist on it), plain white dress shirts, black or dark gray (or dirty colors) needed for accessories, and their general intolerance for anything "frivolous" are common among the witlesses. Don't believe me? Just try showing up in field circus with an azure blue suit with a bright pure green shirt, a tie with a nice teal color and design incorporating greens and yellows, a golden yellow umbrella (if it's raining), a nice bright red field circus bag, and shoes that match your nice blue suit. Try throwing a small pda device in your bag, a fancy calculator (preferably one with bright colors), flashlight (particularly something like a Fenix, Nitecore, or O-Light), and a small iPod or other MP3 player with real music going on it. See how long it takes for Brother Hounder to have a cow.

    Besides their calendars, the other littera-trash is drab. The pictures are phony. The stories are all contrived along the same "Man was perfect under Jehovah, Satan ruined it, Jesus died for us, Jehovah is soon to destroy this system, and Jehovah will lead us to perfection" crap. They use ancient Israel as their exemplar as much as they use Jesus--are they trying to be Jewish when they claim to be pure Christian? Why are they using the ancient Israelites as their exemplars when they claim Jesus as their savior? Do they claim Moses as a savior? Abraham? Noah? Tyrant David? Solomon? Daniel? Ezekiel? Isaiah? Jeremiah? Hezekiah? Job? So, if not, then why do they devote as much attention to these as to the one they claim as their savior? Perhaps if they cut out all that rubbish and created something that was at least entertaining as a story, they might get more of an audience.

  • jgnat

    Unity, dear Wizard, unity! It is much easier to have a matching crowd in neutral greys and browns.

    And what about the music? I've always gone to churches where there was lively music. A drummer. An electric guitar. There's even a church nearby that boasts a contingent of dancers complete with flags. Kind of like this:

    Filipino Dancers

    The music is used to get people to their seats, for goodness sakes! Where is the energy, the enthusiasm? Carefully shoved down in a show of "unity".

  • andys

    Ding... If the WT did up calendars for field service, each month's picture would probably feature a different scene of destruction at Armageddon...

    If you go on E-bay right now there is a calendar that the Watchtower made in 1938 of Armagedon but says on e-bay listing the calendar pages are missing but shows the first cover of the calendar: 1938 Calendar Art Armageddon Watchtower Jehovahs Witnesses

  • EmptyInside

    WTWizard- It seems the Witnesses in my area are more fashionable. The men even wear pink shirts from time to time.

    I was a such a nerd. I looked forward to the calendars. They used to be nice,and have some scenic pictures. But,it does seem like in the last few years,it is mainly showing Witnesses engaged in the preaching work in various countries.

    But,the calendars were not for the public.

  • Pterist

    ***JWs have calendars.****

    Yes, but it's hard to follow....

    BCE = before common era ...BC = before Christ

    CE = common era.............AD = after the year of our Lord

    ACIR = after Christ's invisible return..........current date 99

  • Honesty

    It's hard to entice a person into a cult if you justleave them a gift at the door

    without actually speaking to them and offering to 'study' the bible with them.

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