I Got a Call from "Microsoft" This Morning....

by jamiebowers 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • moshe
    I ask them to hang on for a minute then place the phone in front of the Television and let them listen to that.

    First I tell those telemarketers I am hard of hearing- speak up! What did you say? Then when they start yelling, I put the handset down and walk away- I think they put me on the do not call the smart-ass list, after that trick-

  • Paralipomenon

    I do think they have a "do not call" list for people that waste their time.

    I spent 10 minutes trying to get one of them to help me find my "windows key" on my Mac.

    Haven't got a call back since then.

  • jwleaks

    My "microsoft" caller came from:

    86 Golaghata Road, Jamuna Apratment, 3rd Floor, Kolkata-700048, West Bengal, India

    IP (

    Problem solved. Reverse lock through the ILS Network [ ils network . org ] which had a swiss cheese firewall, and voila ... a little bit of "window cleaning".

  • Jeffro
    My "microsoft" caller came from:
    86 Golaghata Road, Jamuna Apratment, 3rd Floor, Kolkata-700048, West Bengal, India
    IP (

    That's the address of the ISP, not necessarily where the caller is located.

  • cedars

    I too got a call like that. I did consider that it MIGHT be genuine, but I told them they should have no reason to contact me, and if they did they certainly shouldn't need to ring me. I ended up putting the phone down. I feel sorry for people who are desperate enough to feel they need to pull a con like that.


  • snare&racket

    They ask you type in a command into the "run" box, the command just asks for a generic windows product number, its the same number for everyone. But they read it out as if they have some kind of knowledge about your operating system....e.g.

    "Ok Mr Jones, if your number reads 0884749393-ASS it means the virus has penetrated your system, we can fix it for you but there will be a small charge I am afraid... your bank details please.."

  • jamiebowers

    I'm glad to hear that so many are aware of this scam. But I don't feel sorry that these scammers have to do this to make a living. With all of the call center jobs that have been sent to India from the US, these people have a much better chance of being employed than Americans do.

  • kurtbethel

    Here is what I do if I get a landline call from a private unknown number. I pick up the phone, and in a stern voice I say "Security!"

    I have had telemarketers and other phone rifraf apologize for calling me when I use that greeting.

  • finallysomepride

    I had a call from microsoft this morning

    I said sure

    and then told them to fuck off...................................they hung up

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