Calling all posters! What are YOUR questions for Candace Conti, Rick Simons and Kelly Kraetsch?

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  • cedars

    A great question Lisa. Mine was along similar lines. How was Watchtower found legally responsible for the abuse if Kendrick has yet to receive a criminal conviction for it? I've noticed it's a common point raised by apologists, and it would be great to hear the official answer.


  • stuckinamovement

    Has there been interest in the case by the national television media and would Candace and Rick ever consider appearing on a news magazine program?

  • Pterist

    Can criminal charges be brough against the GB consistant with what occurred in the RCC Monsignor Lynn and Sandusky cases. .?

  • toweragent

    I hope this is taken disrespectfully, I seriously wondered this when I first learned of the case:

    Why did she not go to court sooner? Why wait so long?

    I'm also curious as to what gave her the courage to do this. One courageous girl to take on the Tower like that.

  • Pterist
  • Pterist
  • problemaddict


    I suppose I would want to know what they plan on doing with the money, and if any of it would be earmarked for advocacy on the part of others in similar circumstances. That might be overly personal.

    I know the counsel for the WTBTS and they and their families really are good people in my humble opinion. The job of a lawyer is a difficult one. The questions I would REALLY want to ask, I would want to ask Jim. Maybe I'll get an opportunity someday.

  • ldrnomo

    Has the Watchtower tried to make settlement offers and if so when and how much?

  • notjustyet

    Cedars, can't remember if Rick had a say in whether or not Patterson would be acceptable as surety in place of the bond, but if so, why would they object to this being used?

    I know that purchasing the fee for the bond will cost them REAL cash out of pocket, 87,000 or so per year I believe, but would not the allowing of the Patterson facility cause more possible bad press for the WTBTS even if it was never had to be sold. I realize that they would never actually sell the Patterson facility to pay off the money owed to Candice Conti.

    So if they had a say in what could be used as security, did they deny the Patterson facility to cause the WTBTS to lose money on the fee?

    Also, where are they on the e for the bond, have not heard much about that lately.


  • Pterist

    Question 2 ...... Has the WBTS have similar issues in other countries where their policies on reporting and/or not reporting of pedophiles conflicted with child protection laws ? ...(hint hint Australia) and if so, did they comply in a timely fashion to implement these requirements..?

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