Contributions For Local KH VS. World Wide Work

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  • turtleturtle

    Hello all,

    Seriously, if I am going to stay a JW for now, is there anything wrong with donating ALL for local Kindom Hall purposes, and simply not donate to the World Wide Work (WT)? I mean, won't the local money just go to the Kingdom Hall expenses (among some other expenses)? I'm telling you right now, the WT ain't getting my $ until things change!

    BTW, a while back I would donate around $500 bucks between both!!! Geez!

  • sir82

    Umm, why donate anything at all?

    Join the millions of your brethren who are already voting with their wallets by not giving the WTS a single penny.

    I can understand wanting to help the local KH help pay for the electricity, heat, etc. Just keep in mind that if they get "too much" of a surplus", that extra cash will almost certainly be sent to the WTS.

  • blondie

    The money for the www goes in one box. The money for the KH expenses goes in another.

    Per the WTS, never should any money for the www be used for KH expenses. They've had warnings in the KMs.

    If the expenses are met and the elders feel there is an excess they can donate it to the www. They used to have to present a resolution to the congregation but I don't think they do any more.

    Per 2 MS account servants

  • james_woods

    What Blondie said.

    In reality, they are going to use the money for whatever they damned well please - no matter which box it goes in.

    They are learning from the Catholics and the Mother Teresa fundraising.

  • wisdomfrombelow

    I don't think in all my over 25 baptized years as a JW I ever donated a total of $500. The lesson I learned from Ananias and Sapphira is that it is ok to keep your own money and not give it as a donation.

  • Splash

    The cong can also take a 'hands-up' resolution to donate from KHall finances to anything they choose: WWW, Circuit car fund, KHall Assistance, Assembly Hall donations etc.

    And we all know how often those resolutions get rejected

    Add this to Blondies comment about sending excess savings to the Soc to have them invest it for themselves, well, you choose.

    Besides, weren't all the KHall deeds transferred over to the Soc recently?


  • hoser

    Give your money to the local food bank, animal shelter, etc or use it to take your significant other out for a fine evening.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    wisdomfrombelow, Ananias and Sapphira are really BAD examples to follow. They were both struck dead by Jehovah.

  • blondie

    Per the WTS, never should any money for the www be used for KH expenses. They've had warnings in the KMs.

    The December 2003 issue of "Kingdom Ministry" for Australia carries this announcement:

    "As a reminder to the brothers handling the congregation accounts, donations placed in the boxes for the Worldwide Work are to be remitted monthly and should not be used for payment on a Kingdom Hall property loan or for any other congregation expense."
  • Chaserious

    I was an accounts servant for two congregations. One of them was "just getting by" and would never have been in a postition to send any money to the WTS. At one point, we had about $400 to our name as a congregation until one of the elders gave a local needs part about being broke. The other congregation did have some surplus that we had "on deposit with the society". As I understood it, it was bascially an interest free loan to the society where we would park our money instead of putting it in a bank CD. We only had a surplus because they did a fund drive for a new KH where they asked people to resolve to commit a certain amount every month, so we raised some money that way, and then the building plans fell through. I think it's fairly rare for local congs these days to build up enough surplus to send $$$ to the society. If they did, they'd have to do a resolution to the congregation, at least they did when I was last accounts servant (circa 2008).

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