The Great Crowd: Why... and Why No Man Is Able to Number...

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    Oh, I'm sorry - I guess this thread is addressed to people of Jewish decent.

    Judah (Jews) consist of only two tribes of the 12, dear HOL (peace to you!). I addressed all 12, dear one.

    I am an American, and clearly this thread is not addressed to me nor does it have any application to the life of an English-speaking American like myself who's cultural heritage is far removed from a very small nation in the middle east.

    What, there are no American Jews? No Jews that speak English... in America or elsewhere? Tell you a little secret: I am an American... and a Jew (from the tribe of Benjahmin). AND I speak English!

    Strange that the topic header wasn't in Hebrew.

    Why? Again, Jews speak English. Even the ones over in Israel... and Poland... and Russia... and Spain... and Japan... and China... and various countries of African, including but not limited to Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Somalia... and the sub-Saharan continent...

    Oh well!

    Yeah, oh well. Because, again, I didn't just address Judah...


    A doulos of Christ,


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    Dear tec and Nibbled... peace to you, both... and thank you for your contributions, here!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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