Says he spent weekend, but didn't have sex

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  • Englishman

    Hello hello!

    Is this a spoof poster that we have here?

    I wonder whom it can be?

    First post no comment and resurrects it from 2001!


  • gumby
    If I remarry without proof, I can be df'd.

    In the past, when a spouse suspected adultry, the stance was....if the suspected one spent the night at the assumed lovers house, that was grounds enough to charge them with immorality and a DFing. Elders in fact, would watch the house of the suspected one till daylight to nail the suspect.

    According to the society...if a spouse STRONGLY suspect their mate of infidelity but had no actual proof, they can write a letter they suspect it, then take action to divorce their mate without reprocussions from the elder body. THis letter free's them of spiritual liability....although the society says the final action of the innocent mate rest between them and Jehovah.


  • ozziepost

    Say Grumbles, this all happened so long ago they've prob'ly resolved it all by now. Hopefully that includes seeing the truth about "The Trooff".

  • gumby

    *gets caught not reading entire thread before posting*

    Am I red all over, or just my face?


  • Angharad

    It can be confusing at first and people may not realise that page 1 of active are the earliest posts, unlike a lot of other forums where page one is the most recent, lets wait and see

    BTW: Welcome to the forum Fritten

  • lisaBObeesa

    Hello, Frittin!!!!!!!!



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