With elders like that, who needs Pharisees!

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  • jgnat

    lulu, just for clarification, on this thread you describe yourself as widowed at a young age:


    Here you describe yourself as a widower.

    Are you a man or a woman?

  • LuLu4YouYou

    Im a man. I was widowed in 2003.... What I was saying is I know the pain of losing a spouse wether it be someones husband or wife. If you read my first threads I believe I talked about my loss a little...

  • LuLu4YouYou
  • LuLu4YouYou

    here is a link to the thread I started when I first came to this site. Telling a little of my story there is alot more to it but this tells a little about me


  • ohiocowboy

    OODad, it doesn't surprise me that the Elders treated you like that. They are very hypocritical! It is sad knowing that there are some JW's who actually would delight in being able to really stone someone. The lack of love among many JW's is very evident.

    Lulu, thanks for sharing your story! I hope that things are going better for you here. Take care, and I wish you peace!!!

  • JimmyPage

    Thanks for the insight, Vidiot. You are no doubt right on the money!

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Pharisees are common in Kingdom Halls, once you take off your blinders they are easy to spot. All those excuses you made for the bad behaviour because you were too humble to point the fingers at them.

    Circuit Overseers and District Overseers fall into this catagory frequently, they are the well greased machines out Bethel's Garage.

  • LuLu4YouYou

    thanx ohiocowboy!! and yes things are going better :)

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