I had a Christmas card from Ewan Mcgregor

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    Sorry, if i sounded sarcastic. My fault, for being so brief. No, i think it's nice to help out as one can. Although, i do kind of hiccup at how people tend to look to the other side of the globe to help out. I mean, how much do we actually, really know about what is really going on, there? I have tended to do stuff closer to home. But, that's just me. There are alot of street people in my area. If i had the energy and time, i would like to help out at an animal sanctuary or something like that.

    A few yrs ago, i put in quite a bit of effort to actually help some street people. Found out it was next to impossible to affect change. All a person could do was to support them a little bit. 'Course, i'm not qualified to do much, anyway. Peoples' lives have a kind of inertia.


  • Xanthippe

    Satanus thanks for replying. I know what you mean about doing something local. It was interesting what you said about helping street people. I do buy the Big Issue but there is one lady in my town who stands in the same place selling it and she seems to have been there for years. Sometimes I wonder how she can still be homeless but I suppose many of them have mental health problems. Many run away from an abusive home and then develop mental health problems from the stress of trying to live on the streets and survive. It's very sad.

    I do a few hours a week volunteering in a local befriending scheme for a mental health charity. Just to give people someone to talk to who isn't a mental health professional but just an ordinary person with an ordinary life. A few weeks ago the lady I visit said that in the last few months my visits had been the only bright thing in her life. We can only do a tiny bit each. We're only one person with problems of our own. I just worry that the whole negativity thing in this world makes us feel powerless and depressed when in fact our main power is that there are billions of us. I think powerlessness is an illusion that we need to fight. Just my tuppence worth. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    We've been sponsoring kids through Children International for over 8 years now. We used to sponsor 8 children every month, but as of the past few years we can only afford to sponsor 3 each month due to the economy. Two kids are located in Africa and South America, and the newest one (a replacement, as the other kid was no longer part of Children International) we just added is in the United States. Our gift is being able to give to others in different countries who are less fortunate.

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    I am with Psac, I am not interested in Ewan until after a star wars apology.

    I like donorschoose.org I like kiva. I especially like F*CK Cancer.

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    Ohiocowboy, sponsoring children must be really rewarding, hearing all about them regularly and how they're progressing. You really know where your money is going them don't you. I am so impressed that you sponsor three children and you have sponsored eight in the past!

    jgnat and problemaddict, my daughtr supports kiva. It's a great idea isn't it, lending small amounts of money so that people in developing countries can start businesses and help themselves.

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    Did he apologise for his part in Star Wars 1, 2 and 3 ?

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    In the past, teh Watchtower used to be the largest recipient of my donations. No more this time.


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