Trinity denial + Tetragrammaton = White Magic (Cabala)?

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  • NoStonecutters

    Elizabethan English dramatist Christopher Marlowe reveals the following in one of his plays written in reaction to Kabbalist John Dee (Queen Elizabeth's astrologer and intel agent) and the occultic downfall of England in the late 16th Century:

    Dr. Faustus contains a parody of Dee's scheme to use Cabala to find buried treasure
    Marlowe's The Tragicall History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus: "The spirits tell me they can dry the sea. And Fetch the treasure of all foreign wrecks-Ay, all the wealth that our forefathers hid. Within the massy entrails of the Earth."
    Cabala or "Jehovah's name forward and backward anagrammatized" makes these wonders possible:
    Marlowe's The Tragicall History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus: "Faustus, begin thy incantations. And try if devils will obey they hest, Seeing though hast prayed and sacrificed to them. Within this circle is Jehovah's name, Forward and backward anagrammatized. And characters of signs and erring stars, By Which the spirits are enforced to rise."
    In mentioning the Cabala that "anagrammatized" Jehovah's name, Marlowe implicates the Jews. Mephistopheles confirms the connection, telling Faustus "the shortest cut for conjuring is stoudly to abjure the Trinity.
    Marlowe's The Tragicall History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus: " I am a servant to great Lucifer. And may not follow thee without his leave. No more than he commands must we perform. For when we hear one rack the name of God, Abjure the Scriptures and His Saviour Christ, We fly in hope to get his glorious soul. Nor will we come unless he uses such means. Whereby he is in danger to be damned. Therefore, the shotrest cut for conjuring is stoutly to abjure the Trinity. And pray devoutly to the prince of hell."

    —E. Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, Fidelity Press, South Bend, Indiana, 2008, pg. 396-397

    Charles Taze Russell's Kabbalist sympathies begin to reveal themselves when we re-examine Merry Old England. Add in the memorial supper's occult practice of denying of the Body of Christ, and it becomes more apparent.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Wonder Woman helped Hades regain control of his domain, Faust is gone, it's all good again.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    If I had David Icke's mind I could reach the same conclusion, or not, it's kinda of a stretch for even Icke.

    BOTR: How are we suppose to address whacked out items above? Can I qoute DC or Marvel Comics as a source?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I don't understand what mystical Jewish beliefs have to do with Russell or the WT?

    Russell's lit did have very scary occult symbols. I've tried to stay away from the occult my entire life so I may be misinformed.

    Jewish friends of mine study Kabbalah. They know that I was raised a Witness. I assumed they would tell me anything juicy.

    Don't the Hassidim practice Kabbalah. I've known Hassidic people and see them with their families in Central Park.

    In fact, I was very bored as a child and starved for something to read. I pulled some Russell era publications and shreiked in fright. My mom came running to console me. She explained that it was early Witness stuff. I will never get over the cross and crown. There has been a lot of new light.

  • NoStonecutters

    Band On the Run, the Watchtower was one subversive Reformation group in a long list of others associated with Christian Kabbalism, if there ever were such an abominable thing. A lot of it can be traced back to England under Elizabeth and her astrologer John Dee. Presbysterian, Watchtower, Mormon, SDA, etc. all have Kabbalist associations because of the proliferation of the Reformation and Cabala in England.

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    Good grief. (sigh*)

  • NoStonecutters

    "Wiccans" of the "Alexandrian" tradition . Here a coven of witches dance around a magic circle (with the tetragrammaton) led by self-proclaimed "King of the Witches", Alex Sanders.

    Two things become apaprent from the information in Marlowe's work and Russell's own writings. Russell followed the Kabbalist practice of abjuring the Holy Trinity and most certainly sought magical power by obsessively using the tetragrammaton. And Jehovah's Witnesses are doing the same thing, being secretly initiated into Kabbalah.

  • NoStonecutters

    So is the Watchtower's anti-Trinity stance spiritual subversion posing as hermeneutic?

  • NoStonecutters

    The Satanic Baphomet with the Tetragrammaton

    "Their belief going back to C.T. Russell that the perfect state of man is to have the

    sexual organs of both sexes. This androgenous belief goes back to Baal, to Mithras,

    Aphrodite, and the Hindu's Siva who are all depicted as double-sexed in some of their

    statues. It also relates to the Jewish Midrash. Rabbi Samuel-bar-Nachman (third century)

    says, "Adam when God created him was a man-woman androgune." Maimonides, a later

    Jewish scholar also believed this. The singular account of the creation of Brahm and

    Adam led various Jewish scholars to suggest that Jehovah, like Baal and the Syrian gods,

    was double-sexed.45 The two words that make up the word Jehovah were composed

    with the male-female idea.46 The Hebrew letter Hod (or J) was the virile organ, and

    Hovah was Eve, the mother of all living things, the procreator. This interpretation of

    Jehovah as bi-sexual has been preserved by the Cabbala and the mysteries of the

    Masons." —Fritz Springmeier, Be Wise As Serpents, page 260

    Notice the Baphomet has breasts?

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    Yahweh of Samaria and his Ashera (More Golden Calf worship)

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