Is 1914 still relevant in WT/JW Theology?

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  • 00DAD


    Considering the recent and profoundly significant doctrinal change of the GB officially stating that they alone are the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" some have speculated if this could be a step to change the end time prophesy, possibly coming up with a new date to replace 1914.

    Of course anything could be true in JW-land. Who really knows what goes on in the crazy, mixed up minds of the loonies running this asylum?

    But the fact is, they still trumpet 1914 pretty loudly.

    The current WT Study edition (9/15/2012) mentioned 1914 at least once as a significant date in WT history/theology in 4 out of the 5 study articles (Sunday dates are given). Check it out:

    November 4: The same prophecy indicates that God’s Kingdom, pictured by a large stone, was cut from the mountain of Jehovah’s sovereignty in 1914. That stone is now hurtling toward its target—the feet of the image. At Armageddon, the feet and the rest of the image will be smashed. (Read Daniel 2:44, 45.) - p. 7 par. 14

    November 11: That harmonious relationship was interrupted when humans, influenced by Satan, rebelled against Jehovah’s sovereignty. Since 1914, however, the Messianic Kingdom has been taking progressive steps to restore that unity - p. 12 par. 18

    November 18: After his resurrection, Jesus received authority in heaven and on earth. (Matt. 28:18) He uses that authority to accomplish Jehovah’s purpose according to the timetable God has set. Jesus patiently waited at God’s right hand until 1914 for his enemies to be placed as a stool for his feet. (Ps. 110:1, 2; Heb. 10:12, 13) - p. 20 par. 9

    November 25: Let us briefly review what happened after Jesus was installed as King in 1914 and see how some proved themselves ready while others did not. - p. 25 par. 10

    Although the anointed had for decades looked to 1914 as a marked year, they did not clearly understand what would happen. When things did not take place as they expected, it could have looked as if the Bridegroom were [sic] delaying. ... “A few of us seriously thought we were going to heaven during the first week of that October [1914].”- p. 25 par. 11

    But in 1919, there was a call to wake up! Jesus had come to God’s spiritual temple, and a time for inspection arrived. - p. 25 par. 12

    After 1914, The Watchtower made this significant statement: “Brethren, those of us who are in the right attitude toward God are not disappointed at any of His arrangements. We did not wish our own will to be done; so when we found out that we were expecting the wrong thing in October, 1914, then we were glad that the Lord did not change His Plan to suit us." - p. 25 par 13

    This last article, "Jehovah Congregates His Joyful People", mentioned 1914 five times in just three paragraphs. Perhaps not too surprisingly, sandwiched in the middle, was a reference to 1919 as the time of Christ's inspection. Taken together, this one article contains six references to these dates in four consecutive paragraphs .

    It doesn't look like the WTBTS is abandoning 1914 anytime soon.

  • leavingwt

    "It doesn't look like the WTBTS is abandoning 1914 anytime soon."

    Agreed. (This is a minority opinion among ex-JWs, in my experience.)

    Even if they did jettison 1914, it doesn't matter. None of the details matter.

    Where else could the sheep go?

  • 00DAD

    leavingWT: Agreed. (This is a minority opinion among ex-JWs, in my experience.)

    Which is the minority opinion: That they will abandon 1914 or that they will not?

    leavingWT: Even if they did jettison 1914, it doesn't matter. None of the details matter.

    Right! You're fond of saying, "Never discuss doctrine!" This just emphasizes that ultimately it's not about doctrine at all. How ironic, an organization that claims to have "The Truth" and emphasizes not just the alleged importance of "knowledge", but of "accurate knowledge" really doesn't care about that at all.

    It's all about control and obedience: "Listen, Obey and Be Blessed"

    leavingWT: Where else could the sheep go?

    Not only that, but think of all the KH security codes that'd have to be reprogrammed!

  • Ding

    Given how much they have hyped 1914, I can't see them abandoning it outright -- too much downside.

    Besides, there's no need.

    Everything they claim about 1914 involves "invisible" happenings that can't be disproved.

    In addition, they have gone to great lengths to stretch a "generation" so far that it preserves the 1914 date while making it irrelevant.

  • Refriedtruth

    Jesus 'invisible' second coming October 5th or 6th 1914 is the CORE CREED dogma of the Watchtower Jehovah's Witnesses.

    This by their own admission what makes them separate from all the rest of Christendom.

    Back in the 1950s 1960s into the 70s it is ALL we ever talked about.

    When my baby brother took the baptismal questions in 1988 the elder made him memorize the whole 607 day for a year 1914 chronology just for theocratic academic fun.

    If they drop it this moment...... it will have little effect on current JW's

    It IS the primary reason for me exiting and turning 'apostate' in 1992


  • 00DAD

    Ding: Everything they claim about 1914 involves "invisible" happenings that can't be disproved.

    True dat!

    This same series of WT articles had multiple references to "the things unseen" and connected that with FAITH and then further connected that with PATIENCE.

    Interesting ...


  • Apognophos

    I agree that they don't seem to be trying to phase out 1914, regardless of what we think would be logical. However, are they putting an increased emphasis on 1919 lately? It feels like they are, but I can't prove it.

    Edit: Haha, I just noticed that our avatars appear to be relatives, 00DAD.

  • leavingwt

    00DAD: It has been my experience that most of the people who participate here believe they will ditch 1914.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    Watchtower’s Governing Body is scared to death of its 1914 teaching, and for more than one reason:

    - Watchtower on Kingdom Centennial Birthday? at:

    - Watchtower and 2014 at:

    Marvin Shilmer

  • james_woods

    They have already dropped the only important teaching they had about 1914: That many of the people alive and old enough to know the events in 1914 would see the end of the world.

    After dropping this (obviously false) prophetic connection, they can just go on forever saying that Jesus invisibly started to rule in 1914 - after all, who is going to prove that Jesus did or did not do something if it is INVISIBLE?

    I agree with the viewpoint that they will never drop this date.

    However, in reference to the title question - no, the 1914 date is not really still relevant. It will fade further into the past when the year 2014 passes.

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