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  • new boy
    new boy

    I'm sure everone is looking forward to the feild ministry today!!! All the young kids and teenagers just cant't wait to see their school chums in the door to door activity. My guess it will be very little door to door TODAY, for the brave ones that go out. You know it will be the "I just have to many calls, I really need to take care of them" "me too" lets get 8 people in a mini-van and drive around for 2 hours from one end of the territory to the other {with a 45 min. coffee break in the middle}. I have to admit I really feel sorry for their kids, they are the ones that are in HELL, for they feel the have NO choice in the matter.----------they go to the doors many of them won't ring the bells, if they do ring they will be so glad if no one comes to the door.--------THANK YOU GOD--------THANK YOU GOD-------THANK YOU GOD------I'M NOT THERE ANY MORE!!!-----NEW BOY, 52 YEARS A WATCHTOWER SLAVE

  • Fredhall

    New Boy,

    Read Matthew 24:14 and Mark 13:10.

  • mindfield

    Fred, read the verse in Acts, I believe, that says "Anyone who preaches a different good news will be cursed by God." Do you recall where that particular verse comes from? Think about it.

    I'm sure everone is looking forward to the feild ministry today!!!
    LOL. Is it just me, or does that phrase just ooze sarcasm?
  • Fredhall


    We haven't been cursed yet.

  • Richie

    In Mark 13:10 it speaks about the need to preach the good news in all the nations...remember Fred that this has been done for centuries. Now the manner you ought to interpret this scripture is that the good news has to be preached according to the bible and NOT according to the Watchtower. The Pharisees certainly had the "truth" at the time, but they made the truth invalid by their excessive regulations, decrees and rules... Their regulatory method blurred clear scriptural counsel and directives, which in turn would mislead their followers to a large degree.
    Jehovah could see through their intentions, yet their followers were none the better, as they too copied their unscriptural method of things thinking they had the absolute truth and nothing but the truth....

    Richie :*)

  • mindfield
    We haven't been cursed yet.

    The end hasn't come either. Does that mean it won't, Fred? You know the answer to that question.

    And please don't bother throwing the same tired old rhetoric back at me. Namely, "do you read the Bible?" As you say so often, worry about your own spirituality, not mine.

  • deddaisy

    I don't get it. Are your cited scriptures supposed to be support that the witnesses
    are on the "true" path? ummmm... I guess maybe Jimmy Swaggert, and others, are
    doing good works in that case. Isn't he indeed spreading the "good word?"
    Taken from Webster's Dictionary:
    False:"uttering what is untrue" (I'll provide on request)
    Prophet: 1."a person who speaks by divine inspiration. 2. a person who foretells the future.
    So which are they, the JW's, false prophets or just fortunetellers?
    Matthew: 24:11

  • new boy
    new boy

    Fred-------------- you lazy J.W. you need to get your sorry ass in that mini-van with everone else, instead of counting your service time here!

  • Farkel

    : Read Matthew 24:14 and Mark 13:10.

    Good verses, which basically mean this:

    "This good news of the slaughter of 6 billion human beings will be preached in all the earth by a bunch of hateful, clueless twits who are being lead by drooling, incontinent murderers."


  • Kenneson

    The Watchtower Society originated in the 1870s. Who was preaching between the death of Christ and then?

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