How Are You Treated When JWs See You?

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  • aquagirl

    They sort of get that 'deer in the headlights' look,and back away..I think that I must be like extra voodoo

  • flipper

    Good thread Minimus. If it's some JW's who knew me when I was a JW I definitely get the cold shoulder, the shunning, the whole bit. My JW daughters JW mother in law tried to hurry up and get into her truck in a bank parking lot before I said something- but I just said " Hi , how are you ? " She glared at me and snarled, " Fine ! " then slammed her door shut. And I'm just an inactive Witness for 9 years, not DFed.

    I feel my JW ex-wife spread around all kinds of lies and mistruths about me so anybody who knew me would shun me as " dangerous. " I live about 70 miles from there now so many JW's up here never knew I was a JW so I can pretty much talk to them and try to make them think from a non-Witness viewpoint as I promote myself as a never -been-a-Witness with JW relatives . One elder knows I'm a former inactive JW up here ( thanks to my older JW daughter telling him I lived in the territory ) so he's probably warned the other local JW's about me. No wonder no Witnesses have called at our door the last 2 years ! They think the boogie man is gonna get them ! LOL ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • perfect1

    no one can see me in my invisibility cloak.

  • crmsicl

    Though I'm not df'd I'm usually shunned. I avoid them too though.

  • Inisc

    Depends on who the jw is. Some will smile and keep walking others stop and say hello.

    But it's always awkward and I realise how little in common I have with them. Once you ask how they are doing and how their family are doing there isn't much left to talk about beyond the weather.

    There is one jw I see now again who is quite chatty but the conversation usually turns to the meeting or what assembly is going to be about, and I never quite no what to say to that.

  • Chariklo

    I took my grandson to see Skyfall this afternoon.

    Just before it started, who should come in but the two JW's who started my "study". They sat immediately in front of us (cinema was packed) and completely ignored us at the beginning and end!

    The thing about this is that she totally disapproved of violence but of course he loves is shoot'em up films. And the really, really hilarious thing is that in the local congregation the elders are dead against any film like James Bond, Star Trek and Star Wars, as they told me, waiting me to get rid of all the DVD's I had of that ilk. So, week after week there would be talks urging the assembled brothers and sisters to avoid all such films at all costs!

    I found that very, very funny. So maybe they were ignoring me because I had walked out despite their best efforts, or maybe they were hoping and hoping I hadn't realised it was them!

  • whathappened

    As some of you know, my mother, who was active in the congregation here, died a few months ago. At her memorial service at the kingdom hall, most people (about 80%) ignored my sister, grandmajones, and I, but some were nice.

    No sympathy cards or phone calls were received. Zero, not a one. We are both well known in the area and have been for decades.

  • Chariklo

    That's so sad, whathappened.

  • blondie

    As to sympathy cards from jws, many jws never see one. My husband had 2 non-jw family die young and unexpectedly and we only got one card. But, we got over 100 cards from non-jws. I was told that a short verbal expression at the KH was adequate...but we only received 4 of those even though it was announced from the platform. Is this regional or is it rare that jws send cards in the US? Only 3 jws went to the visitation although it was in a funeral home and no religious services. A workmate and her family drove down at night to where they had never been b efore although they both had debilitating illnesses. Not a single elder, not even the book study conductor.

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