DO Brown Payne tells SA audience Serena Williams "disciplined" by her local elders for swearing on TV

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  • oppostate

    At today's Special Assembly in Natick MA, Bro Brown Payne annouced to the audience that Serena Williams was disciplined by her local elders for her swearing escapade on TV.

    Saying: "Can Jehovah's Witnesses swear like that on TV?" then he told the audience that she was "disciplined" by the elders of the congregation she's a publisher in.

    Doesn't this smack of revealing the private business of another person? The most the local elders could have said was "A matter concerning Serena Williams has been handled by the elder body". Any mention of discipline sounds like an opening for a lawsuit.

    What do you all think?

  • free @ last
    free @ last

    Why would she want to sue? Or do you think someone should sue on her behalf?

  • 00DAD

    What happened to all that CONFIDENTIALITY nonsense they always spout?

    It's all appearances with them and covering their own a$$ets.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    Your SAD was in Mass., and Serena's congregation is in Cali right? Why would he bring that up? I wonder if was acting on his own or got orders from headquarters? Serena isnt even baptized and I find hard to imagine that she has time to be an unbaptized publisher, so on what grounds could they discipline her?

    I imagine she is still a bit of a problem for the WT as she's easily the most high profile associate of JWs. How does a control freak org like the WT keep her in line?

  • Quarterback

    I've heard District Overseer's swear....but, granted, it wasn't on TV.

  • ldrnomo

    I wonder if they switched off putting her on their knees and smacking her ass.

  • Listener

    If this is not true you could be in a lot of trouble, you may want to consider having it deleted.

  • oppostate

    What would make Serena Williams sue the WT?

    Probably not the fact that elders supposedly disciplined her.

    The way DO Brown Payne said it was almost like Serena took the discipline and as a JW she wont be doing that again.

    His remarks that this brought reproach on Jehovah's name made just about everyone taking notes start writing down what he was saying.

    I'm sure there's a lot of notes and even the recording done by the sound department that can be used in a lawsuit.

    But would Serena Williams sue the WT? Probably not.

    She's a mouthy but obedient J-Doobie or so it was presented.

  • jam

    An District Overseer and I was playing a game of pick-up

    basketball with a few of the locals (non-JW). Serving

    in a Central America. One of the locals miss his shot and

    yell sh----t. Without skipping a beat the DO yell, where I

    don,t won"t step in it. The game stop with laughter.

  • ruderedhead

    He was probably told to say something as Serena Williams is a very public figure and speaks openly of her jw beliefs. All the while she is swearing, dropping the f bomb, and wears sometimes very revealing clothes, including a see thru shirt she was photographed in. Considering the time she has to put in practicing, playing tournaments, and is photographed on vacation or doing other fun things( i.e., living a NORMAL life), how much fs time do you think she puts in, how many meetings does she miss?

    My guess is that people who have been publicly reproved for the same things or lesser offenses, make all the meetings and do fs weekly were starting to complain about the unfairness of it all, and so something had to be said to appease those. After all, don't they tell everyone that everyone is equal in the truth? NOT!!

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