Now that they finally admitted that the Faithful & Dicsreet Slave is ONLY the Governing Body what now?

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  • metatron

    Ramifications? What ramifications? Over the years, they have converted or culled out anyone with a critical or coherent sense of thinking. They have been utterly successful in getting even what few educated people they have to go along with the sickening cheerleading that constitutes the Watchtower Study.

    Once a person buys into the hard fact of 130 years of prophetic failure, the rest is easy. They won't have any problem with this with the average Witless zombies.

    The only interesting question is, is this part of a bigger plan? Are they up to something?


  • Finkelstein

    Its just another Corporate move to substantiate themselves against so much open information of what a calculating fraud this religious

    publishing house was and is.

    The WTS used to lie to help in the proliferation of their literature , now days they're being forced to lie to overcome their misdeeds

    of its own inherent adaptable corruption.

    But of course put most organized religions through analytical evaluation and you'll see similar veins of corruption.

  • Chariklo

    Well, it seems to me they've let the cat out of the bag.

    As people take it all in, at least some are going to wake up and realise the truth; behind all the noise and lights, bells and whistles, the Wizard of Oz is just an ineffectual old man.

    Put it another way, the Emeror isn't wearing any clothes, he's as naked as the day he was born.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    well this takes care of the ever growing number of partakers. This years number must be big. So now that the partakers outside the GB have been kicked to the curb, next year's number might as well be 4 million because it won't matter

  • leaving_quietly

    Well, let's see . . .

    - a reversal of all the publications that stated the F&DS = remnant of 144,000 on earth at any given time

    - some pretty upset anointed folks

    While I think this is a pretty big change, the bigger change is the thought about Jesus inspection being FUTURE. They're some how going to have to explain away the 'being inspected in 1918' stuff that's been taught for decades.

    The change in domestics, too, will be something to watch for. Up to now, these were individual anointed ones, not the anointed as a group. Now, the domestics includes "other sheep?" That makes no sense. A "domestic" is one who lives in a household. Or, in the case of a nation, a natural citizen. To me, this would mean only those who are part of spiritual Israel, which most certainly does not include the "other sheep," according to JW theology. This is a very big one to explain.

    This whole thing brings to mind something Sam Herd said at our DC this year. He said: "This organization's about to ROCK!" No explanation given. Just a hanging statement, though in the connotation of something big about to happen to shake us up. I wondered what he meant by that. Maybe this is it. If so, then he knew this would shake the JWs to the core.

    I can only say this: if they don't even know who the F&DS are and keep changing their tune on that, how could we possibly even trust ANYTHING they say doctrinally? Calls into question EVERY SINGLE DOCTRINE unique to JWs.

  • Chariklo

    ...because it's all just made up as they go along. Pure fiction, plain and simple

  • 00DAD

    Chariklo ... because it's all just made up as they go along. Pure fiction, plain and simple

    The difference is that skilled fiction writers work hard to make sure their stories are coherent and consistent. These guys either aren't that skilled or simply don't care. Either way, it's clear Holy Spirit's got nothing to do with it!

  • tornapart

    I don't think the R&F are going to have any problem swallowing this. Most of them already think of the GB being the FDS anyway. As far as they are concerned 'what's new'?

  • Chariklo

    From my experience of local JW's, you're right, tornapart.

    The ones I knew well didn't think for themselves in any way, apart from their ability to come back with a fast, toe-ing-the-line rejoinder at anyone on the door...or me in a study session...asking tricky questions or raising objections.

    They were more rightepous than the righteous, more obedient than an automaton, so orthodox that if the WT/GB told them all to cast themselves into the furnace at the end of the year they'd do it because Jehovah told them to and they trust him.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    As recently as 6/15/09 the WT had in print that all remnant anointed were part of the FDS:

    Do all anointed Christians on earth share in providing spiritual food?

    No. All who are anointed with God’s spirit are part of the faithful and discreet slave class, but those making up the Governing Body oversee the spiritual feeding.—6/15/09 pages 22-24 Watchtower

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