Starting to read 1984 by Orwell

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  • TD

    In my generation it was required reading in high school. It's an engaging read. Even if it doesn't make a big impression at first, parts of it will come back to you when you talk to JW's

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Jimmy Page said:

    Interestingly enough my JW brother read "Animal Farm" in high school. He was also much more interested than I was in the science magazines that our non-JW grandfather used to send us as kids. Ironically, bro is still a JW and I am the atheist apostate who accepts evolution.

    Yeah, my elder fleshly brother was a BIG Sci-Fi (SF) fan, and subscribed to Omni magazine (anyone remember that one?), read Bradbury, etc. Those paperbacks were sitting around the house; not so sure how THAT went over, when elders came over.

    He was a very smart guy, and probably understood the applicability to JWs of "1984", but still went to Bethel in the late 1970's, pioneered, etc. So it's defo not a magic cure-all for joining or leaving a cult (although he later DID leave the JWs, after coming out of the closet, a fact he hid or suppressed his whole life, probably even from himself).

    I know Crisis of Conscience played a role for him: he was at Bethel during the time Ray Franz was there, and apparently it explained some of the stuff he witnessed.

  • transhuman68

    Every book by George Orwell is good, IMO. 'Homage to Catalonia' is a good read too; it's a true story of the betrayal and wasted lives in the Spanish Civil War. Fortunately, all the political intrigue is explained, so its kinda like 1984 for dummies, lol.

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