Starting to read 1984 by Orwell

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  • TimothyT

    I bought the book for a number of reasons:

    1. It sounds brill.

    2. It sounds like the kind of people who read are rather clever and well educated (and I want to be one of them).

    3. I may find it interesting how it relates to the JWs.

    Regarding the latter, does anyone have any thoughts and feeling on this point, or is there anything I should look out for when comparing what Orwell writes about with the JWs?

    Timmy :)

  • Splash

    Hi TimothyT,

    I'm gna say it'll blow your mind. You will wonder if it was specifically written for JW's.


  • jgnat

    The idea that an entire nation can be held in thrall, simply by manipulating language.....

  • jgnat

    Oh, and don't be reading that book too late at night. Keep lots of lights on. A warm milk before you go to bed. And sweet dreams.

  • simon17

    2. It sounds like the kind of people who read are rather clever and well educated (and I want to be one of them).

    You should read the Gallant Gallstone too

  • flipper

    Timothy- You'll see a lot of comparisons to the WT society and their ultimate, dominant control of members in society keeping them suppressed and under their thumbs. This book will blow your mind . My wife and I read it last year. Very gripping. It will make you really appreciate your freedom of mind

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    A powerful book. I read it nearly 50 years ago and it still rings true. When you've read that, if you enjoy it try Animal Farm.

    You will find more "meat in due season" in George Orwell than in a month od Sudays attending your local KH.

  • JeffT

    And after you're done with 1984 and Animal Farm read Huxley's "Brave New World."

    edited to add and then "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess. Make sure you get the original version, not the one that was floating around the US for years after its initial publication.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    I'm guessing 1984 and Brave New World are two of many reasons JWs want to home-school: it's the kind of dangerous thinking that works against their needs. Although it does raise an interesting question: did anyone here read it while they were still in the Borg?

    I think we read it in Junior High or High School (back when 1984 was still a date in the future, lol!).

    Oh, Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is another dystopian classic.

  • DarioKehl

    it's a terrific read, tim!

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