"Pilot Project" - Jehovah's Witnesses in Manhattan, with your new host... Robert Warren!

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  • steve2

    That the organization is sanctioning the use of relatively well-made "infomercials" for placement on YouTube is perfectly fine in my opinion. Good on them for 'getting with the times' as it were. It's obviously made by a team of savy thinkers who know what they want to say and stick to it, music track and clever spot editing and all.

    Yes, some of it looks predictably staged; then again, there are a lot of people in Western countries such as the States who do bring a kind of soft-it's-nice-to-see-the-Bible-being promoted mentality to this kind of thing. They're not necessarily even that taken with what the JWs believe but they coo-and-sigh like Mae West on heat.

    Yes, I suspect the reporter was highly selective in who he approached. Again, nothing wrong with that. An advertiser seldom asks the opinions of the consumer who spits out the free cookie! If I were in the cookie business, I wouldn't want to pursue such consumers.

    I noticed when I viewed the clip it had as few as 108 hits. Only 108! Under-whelming. Also, the clip automatically generated a raft of anti-JW clips. That's so cool - thanks Robert! Anyone viewing the clip is offered generous side dishes of apostate material. Yum and double yum.

    The Watchtower may well review its policy on this Youtube promotion at some stage. And maybe Robert will see the vanity of his pseudo-reporting and apply for a real job - perhaps as a "real" reporter!

  • Iamallcool

    that would be great for Robert Warren if he leaves the WT to become a reporter and make some really big $$$. Robert, Think about it and you probably know too much, tell us one day. Okay? thanks!

  • konceptual99

    Be interesting to see if this is rolled out to places outside of major cities. I can see it as an approach in places with major footfall but you try doing that outside the local station or shopping centre in a small provincial town/village.

    Harking back to a thread a few weeks ago there is very little chance (IMHO) that the society will remove the D2D work as it is too good a way to monitor and prod peoples' "faith". Stalls are all well and good but you don't need much man power and the reality is that you need to keep everyone busy in theocratic activity to stop them getting sidetracked by everyday persuits.

  • Poztate

    that the organization is sanctioning the use of relatively well-made "infomercials" for placement on YouTube is perfectly fine in my opinion.

    Was it the WT that uploaded this to YouTube ? I somehow doubt it. This video clip is available on their main jw.org site.

    I think someone got the clip and uploaded it. See if a takedown comes later on.

    The side bar on YouTube is a real hoot with all the anti-jw links and videos...are they that stupid ...

  • steve2

    Hi Poztate, good question. I had simply assumed it was put on youtube by the Watchtower - it's the kind of length loved on the youtube generation. Let's see if it gets taken down!

  • irondork


    Was that really the best guy the WTS had to put in front of a camera?

    I think this guy looks more natural.



    I think they are so desperate that they are going to play the nostalgia card. They have the new " From our archives " section in the magazines now. They want to make the friends think that they are witnessing just like the brothers and sisters from the past. I wouldn't be suprised if they send some rolling literature carts/displays to certain congregations for trial runs. If it works, bicycles are coming back next due to high gas prices! Oh wait the GB doesn't care if your poor, nevermind...

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    It wouldn't surprize me if they got this idea from the baptists...


  • NeverKnew

    I just text messaged one of my company's web developers and asked why a website would employ the use of YouTube for video postings. His reponse "...there really isn't a good free control to do it yourself. Makes it a lot easier as well." I then asked if a server would be adversely impacted if a video were housed on a corporate server (and not on YouTube) and viewed by multiple users simulataneously. His response was, "It definitely would."

    I wonder if the Watchtower developers

    a) don't realize the negative implications associated with their actions,

    b) are trying to minimize loads on their servers,

    c) just don't know HOW to do it any other way,

    d) all of the above.

  • RagingBull

    Hell naw! I love how they only showed those that know nothing about it. the guy talked about Freedom of choice. Little does he know. JWs have no freedom of choice. and it is NOT free of charge! LOL

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