I Could Really Use A Friend

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  • Hargitay

    Have been in the Austin area for a little over a week in the midst of trying to start over. I was df'd recently after being in the truth my entire life. Everyone has abandoned me, and I am lost out here. If there is anyone in Austin area, I could really use a friend.

  • poppers

    Welcome to the board, Hargitay. You are among friends here.

  • Ding


    I don't live anywhere near you, but feel free to PM me any time.

  • Lozhasleft

    Welcome to the forum. Even if there's no one on here in your area there is lots of moral support to help you readjust after the DF, you only have to turn on your pc. There will also be lots of tips for meeting new people in your area. To begin with have you started new employment there yet?

    Loz x

    Edited to say: Dont panic you are among friends here, things will improve, take it a day at a time.

  • Cagefighter

    Welcome to the board, I am a couple hours North of ya in the DFW area. There are a couple of others as well here from TX. This board can be very helpful. Personally it helped me research and confirm many of the roots of the theology and practices that bothered me.

    Sometimes it helps to just tell your story.


  • baltar447

    I'm sending you a PM

  • leavingwt


    In 2007, I learned it wasn't actually "truth". You may discover the same.

  • Fernando

    A warm welcome Hargitay!

    There are quite a number of deeply compassionate and caring people here on JWN.

    It is fantastic that you are reaching out for friends. Please keep looking and asking. I pray that the right people come into your life. A good Psychologist that understands cults might also be a great help.

    Please check out meetup.com and if you are spiritually inclined at this stage possibly others who are leaving religion and religious institutions such as: http://www.site.house2house.com/about-h2h/welcome.

    We are all at different stages of the journey, yet we know it is for the better to be rid of conditional friends and conditional love.

    Yes, it can be a painful process. Mindbending too when you experience grief over losing something that was very bad for your health anyway.

    Maybe rethinking the story of Jesus could be of some help? He had a real heart for those marginalised by religious leaders for not measuring up to their standard of righteousness (namely apostate "legalism"). Jesus would love to have you as one of his brothers if you will have him. He only rejects religious leaders - not sinners.

    Many here on JWN will gladly correspond with you via PM, email or Skype - myself included. Just send a PM to anyone you seem to identify with.

    You may be shocked at the kind decent people you can and will meet outside the Watchtower if you join a club, book reading group, take up music or computer lessons and so on.

    If your situation is desperate please let us know urgently and we will do our best to mobilise emergency support.

    Greetings and blessings

    Fernando (who is SBNR - Spiritual But Not Religious)

    Queensland, Australia

  • EntirelyPossible

    i work for a copant based out of round rock, i get there often, i'll be there ina few weeks, , we can grab a beer. email me, [email protected]

  • baltar447

    Hey EP, you've got an email.

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