Politics ... remember what I said?

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  • designs

    Another thread could be started on the ASL hand gesture for masturbation, that seems to be endlessly Happifying

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    designs, are you suggesting that a discussion of US politics here on JWN is nothing more than a circle..., of this...?

    This is the conservative right position.

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Yeah sadly it seems that with American politics both sides are uber-stupid and neither wants to have a rational discussion about real issues.

    Forgive me BOTR, but basically both sides are uber-stupid, at least the majority are. Remember, EVERYONE has the right to vote. No testing IQs. No testing on how informed they are. It is all based on 60-second commercials. The majority of Americans are uninformed beyond the political commercials. (Uninformed is more polite than "stupid".)

    Fact is, most US politicians are rich (most are millionaires), corrupt (you have to be to get that high up in politics) lawyers (won't even comment on that, you know what everyone thinks of lawyers -- until they need one) who have lost any concept of doing anything for the benefit of the People. Their principal goal is re-election so they can maintain their power and status.

    In the mix of it all, you may have some Do-Gooders who want to go down in history as an FDR or Kennedy who left a legacy and are immortalized. I actually think Clintons could be of that calibur. Morally corrupt on a personal level, but desirous of making their mark in history. Such was Hillary's original goal of overhauling the US healthcare system. (Ya see what that got her. -- Never go against the BIG MONEY!) I think she actually accepted a post under her opponent Obama in an effort to do good and to make a mark in history. She & Bill do NOT need the money. They are set for life just by public appearances and cranking out an occasional book. Bill Clinton is the most charismatic politician in recent history. (Yes, I think he tops Obama. Much better extemporaneously, does not need the tele-prompter.) The only thing they could have had better than being where they are in life, and him being a past-President, is if she had actually made it to the Oval Office too. THAT would have made history.

    I don't think there are enough do-gooders there who are willing to make the tough decisions, which will likely cost them re-election, to fix the problems on the scale that now exist. Easier to say we'll print more money than to say, you all gotta sacrifice to fix this. Example: Greece where they're being told: You all gotta sacrifice to fix this. Riots. Chaos.


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