Punctuation within and without quotation marks

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Mr. Van Winkle and Taleisin:

    Thank you both for your posts as well as your enquiries (Tal).

    Excellent verse and precisely placed punctuation (RVW)!

    Tal: Were those questions aimed at Rip and his heart condition (sorry, but I don't know)?

    If directed to moi, you most assuredly speak of my ever bleeding symbolic heart ... Surely, it is your business to inquire and, forthwith, shall I, without hesitation, respond to your query (unless I have to eat or ...)


    edited to add: OH! I see you did ask if I was well ...

    Shall I go on?

  • talesin

    So, does that mean that since your episode (stroke),,,, you are doing well?

    Since you said it's okay to ask,,, I am asking.



  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Now I understand, dear Tal!

    Thank you for your concern. I am recovered though, on occasion, I have moments of confusion and halting speech. Apart from the obvious effects of advancing age (at least we won't have to grow old in this system of things!), life seems to be going great. I'm heavily involved in work as an editor. LOVE IT!

    Really kind of you to ask.



    Hope you enjoy this, Tal.

    Someone we love withdraws from us; there appears no hope of recovery. Perhaps, however, it is we ourselves dividing into two distinct personalities, the chasm becoming unbridgeable ...

    To stay on topic, I will add quotation marks!

    "Did you choose to reside in a distant land, unavailable to me and all others who cared?" I begged.

    It may as well have been the moon where you took up residence.

    As I looked upward those nights she shone, I imagined that there you were, a speck upon a speck on the glassy plate of a night sky. Strange, however, that you had actually never left your chamber nor shut its door. It was the portal to your mind and heart that closed slowly, unseen by your companions. No one noticed, as I think back to those joyous, sunny days that turned dark so gradually, until you were irretrievably imprisoned within a black dungeon of the soul.

    No lover of you could span the chasm and prove himself your savior.

  • poppers

    my pc would automatically make links clickable but not my iMac.

    Here's what I do on my iMac to make a link clickable: Paste it, highlight it, and then hit the link icon just below the "Font family" box (it looks like a chain link; it will only be active if you highlight your link). Then paste the link in the "Link URL" field, then hit the insert button. This works for youtube videos as well.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    That's great news, poppers! Thank you very much.

    Will give it a try asap.

    All the best,


  • compound complex
  • poppers
  • talesin

    "Did you choose to reside in a dstant land?"

    Yes, I have... it's faraway, and by definition, leaves me to my own divices.

    At times, it's not a pleasant place to live. I just wanted you to wander out from that land, and make contact.


    take care, dear one ...

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    C.C. Thank you! I appreciate your kind words.I have enjoyed your writing.

    BTW, you look alot like Errol Flynn!

  • jwfacts

    Interesting. It does seem to be for US English though, and so does not follow real grammatical rules.

    For instance:

    Rule 1

    Periods and commas always go inside quotation marks, even inside single quotes.

    In English, the period will go inside the quotation mark if part of the quote, and outside if not part of the quote.

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