Which websites do you go to for your NEWS?

by ThomasCovenant 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • fakesmile

    comedy central. between colbert and stewart. i was joking with a buddy not too long ago about that. i said "what does it say about journalism today when the most reliable news is on a comedy channel".

  • fakesmile

    my bad. you asked website. well most of the important news shows up here, so jw.net

  • Leolaia

    Google News.

  • serein
  • flipper

    Democracy Now with Amy Goodman is another very good website. My wife and I watch that often in the morning - if we aren't in a hurry

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    cnn and voiceofsandiego

    also: foxsports and espn

    what??? that news too!!!

  • Hortensia
  • kurtbethel


    It links to loads of other stuff, so it is a great place to start.

    Also http://www.staggeron.org

  • EntirelyPossible
  • Giordano

    JW.Net I get all of my breaking news here. It's one stop shopping. Every place else is spin. At least here I know who's spinning by the 1000 posts that preceded their next bit of BS. The nice thing about JW.Net is that if someone raises an issue that interests me I research it......... unless I get a call of nature then who gives a good crap...right?

    I watch Morning Joe (USA political talk presented by stooges of both political parties) Mostly to vent about Joe and Mika .........apparently I enjoy my morning coffee in the company of idiots. Then National Public Radio. I avoid Fox News it's like going to the KH......... totally unpleasant because it's beyond stupid.

    Other then that I have no opinion.

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