School District forbids deaf 3-year-old's name sign because it "looks like a weapon"

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  • NewChapter

    I'm personally terrified of pencils, but when I'm feeling adventurous, I'll kind of poke my wrist with one---you know---to see how much pressure my courage will allow me to apply. yeah. It scarred me. Scarred me bad!

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    It scarred me. Scarred me bad!

    That's probably cuz ur a scarredy cat! *meow...*

    And you probably shouldn't have stabbed her in the wrist with her own pencil, you manipulator, you.....

  • hamsterbait

    A little girl is suspended for making a "gun" sign with her fingers.

    On TV we hear constantly of people allowed to buy guns and shoot as many as they can before they are gunned down.

    Entertainment has endless movies and TV shows portraying gunfights and massacres, yet there is hardly a murmur.

    That little girl should be getting ROYALTIES for her performance, like any other actor.

    The problem is that our freedom is now so curtailed by threatened action, albeit "legally" put into the statute books that people are now too scared to speak out against the real injustices and unfairness we see every day, so vent their frustration on little deaf children.


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