Elders or anyone who knows: What would I find if I got to snoop thru the secret file cabinet at KH?

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  • Lied2NoMore

    Would there be files containing review or asessments of individuals in cong?

    Would there be files containing complaints voiced to elders about them or anyone else?

    Would there be anything damaging to WTBS?

    Would there be records of JC actions and details? Individuals named?

    Anything else juicy or embarrassing to WTBS?

    Or have they decreed all files like this be kept off site and who has them?

  • elderelite

    Its all judicial letters, that is summeries of cases. Some are kept off site if the congregation feels its nessary, some just locked in a file cabinet at the hall

  • OnTheWayOut

    If you are totally out of the loop, you can read a ton and learn some things about other JW's from their JC.

    But the average member would hear all the gossip and know more than the files contain.

  • sir82

    1) Kind of, maybe. If someone filled out an RBC application, there's a sort of assessment on that, but it's pretty boring. "Does he accept counsel well? Describe his spiritual qualifications. Etc." Maybe there would be a brief assessment of sorts on persons nominated as elders or MS on the CO reports.

    There will be a file with "move in" and "move out" letters. Any time someone moves into or out of the congregation, a letter is sent describing, (yeah, assessing) the family. Maybe ~80% of those are pretty bland ("Joe is a regular publisher and is enrolled in the Theocratic Ministry School. His wife Suzy is a regular pioneer and..."). About ~20% are for "problem" cases and go into more detail about stuff they may have been counseled on, judicial restrictions, problems, etc.

    For the average rank & file who don't change congregations there are no "assessments".

    2) Not likely, unless the complaint led to some sort of judical action

    3) Very unlikely. Well, on 2nd thought, if there were cases of child molestation in the congregation, there may be something in there that the WTBS wouldn't want known by others.

    4) Absolutely, in full gory detail - names, places, dates, etc. The files are theoretically in sealed envelopes, so if you tamper with them they'd know someone had done so.

    5) Not sure what you are after - the WTBS does a pretty good job of embarrassing itself

    6) Congregation files are supposed to be kept at the Kingdom Hall in a locked filing cabinet, and only elders have keys.

  • Lied2NoMore

    any review notes on MS or Elder recommendations? Reasons to not recommend? notes on conversations ? lately i have verbally expressed concerns of policies and teachings and wonder if they scribble down notes about things like that? does each publisher have an individual file?

  • sir82

    Not likely to be too much on elder / MS recommendations, unless the recommendation process was especially difficult or there was a big diifference of opinion among the BOE. Some COs want the BOE to write a letter explaining why they recommend someone; if that is the case with your CO, there might be those kinds of letters there.

    Not sure I follow the rest.

    I think you imply that you are a "regular" publisher and have been discussing "policies and teachings" with the elders? Not very likely they took notes on that. They probably do have you mentally marked as a potential troublemaker and will watch you closely for signs of apostasy.

    Each publisher does not have an individual file. The closest thing is the publisher record card, but that is just a small card with your field serivce numbers for the past year or so.

  • Lied2NoMore

    i am inactive no service report for almost a year now just attending sparsely to keep family off my back. leading a faker life but would love to fade completely

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Lied2NoMore-I thought you were planning a break-in to get rid of all the incriminating evidence about you!!!!!!!!!!!LOL


    Pick the locks and find out

  • Lied2NoMore

    the thought has run thru my mind to get a two wheeler and cart the whole thing out. then i could go thru it at my leisure. ha!

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