Has anybody heard of anointedjw.org? Thoughts?

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    yadda yadda 2

    They trash the earthly hope on their website, one of the JW's most foundational and cherished beliefs. They are completely wasting their time. This isn't putting new wine into old wineskins, it's trying to put a drip of vinegar into an oil tanker. I suspect it is just the work of 1 individual or a couple who have recently started taking the emblems.

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    Aussie Oz

    Kinda makes sense though...

    after all, other than being told they are going to heaven, they have no idea beyond ''ruling with christ" as a job to look forward to.

    No training, 'no ministry school for annointed', no special edition Watchtower, not even a bleedin' tract!

    If I was one of them i would be real puzzled as to my not being looked after, and especially about who is 'feeding' me...



    I contacted them. They are very sincere and under no delusions about the Organization or the GB. They just want to attract JW's who would not go somewhere like JWFACTS or JWSTRUGGLE or JWN out of fear of Apostate material or ideas. They don't believe an in your face approach will work on most JW's, and they feel a positive approach will attract some. It is a good idea in my opinion. Too many JW's reasoning powers will shut down at the slightest hint of negative talk against the ORG or GB, it is what they have been programmed to do. I think their approach could work for some, after all its about planting a seed of truth and letting it grow.

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    @ DataDog. But do they believe all the spiritual stuff they write about?

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