Has anybody heard of anointedjw.org? Thoughts?

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  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    I stumbled across this site. Was wondering what you all think about it?


  • cobaltcupcake

    Jeepers! That site is a bit creepy. Reading a couple of their letters to the Society it sounds like they feel the anointed need special spiritual food and that they resent the fact that the Watchtower literature isn't written by anointed ones.

    We are further informed that much of the writing of Watchtower publications is

    done by those who do not profess Sonship with Jehovah. This is problematic since the

    spirit of truth does not bear witness with their spirit (Romans 8:16), and further since

    the only ones who are led by spirit are the Sons of God (Romans 8:14). Perhaps that is

    why there is no “food” for the anointed ones and no education concerning the heavenly


    The existence of that need is the impetus for developing our website. There we

    provide much information on Sonship, based firmly and solidly on scripture. We enclose

    a recent article we posted entitled “Who Are Led by Spirit?” which we feel will be

    enlightening as well as encouraging. After reading the article, perhaps those taking the

    lead in writing our publications will discover their own true heritage and begin writing

    spirit-infused material.


    The Odd Life of Jehovah's Witnesses

  • yknot



    Hmmm.... 'Letters to the Society'?????


    Somebody didn't get the memo about using 'Organization' instead...

    Seriously causes credibility to be questioned....

    I think I am gonna contact them!!!


    It all depends on what you believe. If you really believe in Christ, then according to the scriptures you are born-again, and you should partake. If you do belive that you should partake, you are under no obligation to do so at a KH because they do not celebrate it properly, according to the Bible. So really, if you believe the Bible, the heavenly calling never ended. That was a Rutherford invention, just like the name JW. So I can understand where they are coming from. The Watchtower is kindergarten level teaching, even when what is says is true, which is rare. The GB claims to be anointed, meaning that they ( according to them ) are members of the faithful slave class ( not a bible teaching ). They further claim not to be the leaders, just to be " taking the lead " while representing the " Faithful slave ". Everyone who is familiar with thier beliefs and practices knows that they don't even know the identities of the rest of the " slave " class whom they supposedly represent. Nor do they care who they are, because if you believe in the scriptures it is clear that the JW organization is not now, or ever was chose by a supreme being to lead anyone to any truth. So if these " anointed " ones still believe that the DUBS are YHWH's chosen channel of truth dispensation and salvation, then you can understand why they are upset. They are equating the current situation in DUBLAND to apostate Jerusalem. They believe that it is still YHWH's chosen vessel, it just needs to be cleaned up and to have the corruption removed. The real " truth " is that Russel and Rutherford were just people never specifically chosen to be leaders over anyone. Also, the WTBTS inc., is not a sole channel of truth and salvation for anyone. They are proven false by the very book they claim to follow. If you believe the Bible, then you must believe that the best any human can do is follow Christ's teaching until death. No human is ever authorized to be the leader of another, no matter what. The most you can do is to love and help your fellow man, and hope to be found faithful and discreet as an individual. So either way, if you believe the scriptures or not, the GB is not the " faithful and discreet slave ". They do not care one bit about some unknown individuals who number in the thousands. The care about the money that the other millions making up the Great Crowd of [ other sheep ] ( not a bible teaching ) will rake in for thier publishing empire. Maybe I should write them a letter at that site and save them some trouble.

  • james_woods

    Delusional grandeur.

    Napoleonic delusions.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    If they are anointed- why are they trying to assist the WTS? I've seen the site and read many of their letters. I lean towards delusion.

  • cedars

    It's quite sad really. They operate under the illusion that the Governing Body actually gives a sh$# about what the worldwide anointed remnant think. They're in for a big disappointment once they realize their letters aren't getting any further than the mailroom shredder.


  • Nambo

    Doesnt that site with its additional "spiritual food" and its testimonies of private baptisms make all those "Annointed" ripe for disfellowshipping?

    Maybe the society should just come out and disfellowship all the annointed so they dont get any such annoyances as Brother Franz coming up with New Light that doesnt harmonise with their doctrines of men.

    In view of the delay in Jesus second coming, the scripture where the evil slave beats his fellow slave because his master is delayed in coming, comes to mind.

  • oppostate

    I've gotten in touch with them through email.

    In fact I think they're trying to reform the WTS from within and NOT aid the WT in its present course.

    By bringing attention to the issue of Sonship as a Christian they're opening a Pandora's box at WT,

    and proving their published doctrines to be nothing more than WT speculations and delusions that

    are coming back to haunt them.

    I say more power to them. Hip hip hurrah! And what not!

  • QC

    Hi Dog, At www.laissezcom.com there is a discussion of the "wicked slave" (under Timeline) and a discussion on "Born Anew." You will like it. Check it out. QC

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