Quick question for recent convention attendees, did your hotel offer box lunches?

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  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    Our hotel did, and on the surface that's no big deal. Matter fact I think it's a good business move on the hotel's part and pretty darn good customer service. After the song was finished and the chairman did his announcements initiating the noon break, I got to wondering if the WT had anything to do with these box lunches offered by the hotel. The reason I ask is that for the past few years there's been pretty strong encouragement if you want to call it encouragement, those attending the convention to were asked to remain in the facility during the noon break. The original reason given a few years back to our circuit prior to travelling to the location was that the local vendors were putting pressure upon the city, facilities management, and the brothers organizing the convention, to be allowed to set up shop and be open for business during convention. The brothers didn't want to go for that, and I can understand that, so I didn't have a problem staying inside.

    The rest of the friends didn't mind either and for the most part remained inside. We switched venues the following year and although the same reasoning wasn't given, the announcements during the noon break included a request for us to remain on site. I was doing a parking assignment that had me stationed a pretty fair distance away from the facility. The city had free trolley services set up for us and so I got to rapping with the driver and he proceeded to tell me about all the places we could go for lunch during our break. He asked me to spread the word to those at the convention probably so he could collect the over-time pay he would recieve for transporting people back and forth. Out of respect I gave him a heads up that he probably won't get much action during the noon break which he may not have taken seriously until noon came and he parked across the facility and went absolutely nowhere during our break for three days straight.

    This year's convention was at an entirely different venue from the previous two years. Again the announcement was made, but for the life of me I don't know why as this town has no vendors. It's barely a town and reminds me of daylight scenes in The Walking Dead. For the most part people stayed inside, but there was definately a more noticeable amount of folks who did venture from the convention site. I ventured several blocks every day as did others but putting one and one togethers, that being the lunch boxes offered by the hotel and the announcement from the chairman to remain on site during the break has me playing with my chin hairs.

    Did any of your hotels offer the boxed lunch? Did the chairman still announce at your convention to remain inside or on the grounds? By the way, since this whole initiative of keeping the friends boxed in at the conventions, it's spread to the circuit assemblies too, at least in our neck of the woods. I'm just wondering if the Watchtower or the Branch had anything to do with the box lunches as a sort of incentive if you will to keep us inside the facility. If so, why? Are they really that concerned about association? Is it a liability issue with so many people roaming the streets? I just don't get it man.

  • mynameislame

    I'm more interested to know why they want people to stay inside during the break especially since they don't serve lunch anymore

    And why would the city put up with that. The whole point ov a convention center is to bring money to the local economy isn't it?

  • blondie

    I can remember that some jws stocked up on the complimentary breakfast at the hotels...which the management must have complained about.

    *** km 4/11 p. 6 Three Days of Spiritual Refreshment ***(6) Do not abuse any complimentary breakfast, coffee, or ice provisions that are made available for guests to use while they are at the hotel.

    *** km 4/04 p. 5 par. 2 Be Holy in All Your Conduct ***(6) Do not abuse any complimentary breakfast, coffee, and ice provisions that are made available for guests to use while they are at the hotel.

    *** km 5/00 p. 4 par. 5 “Let All Your Affairs Take Place With Love” ***Some of the hotels offering a complimentary breakfast have complained that our brothers are abusing the arrangement by taking large amounts of food items with them even after they have eaten at the hotel. When a hotel provides food in the morning for its guests, it is to be regarded as what it is—a complimentary breakfast for those who are staying there. It is not intended that we take these food items with us to eat later or to share with friends at the convention. If we abuse this provision, it could result in the hotel’s canceling this service, wanting higher room rates, or refusing to negotiate with us in the future.

    *** km 5/97 p. 4 par. 14 1997 “Faith in God’s Word” District Convention ***If a hotel provides a complimentary breakfast during your stay, you should not see this as an opportunity to stock up for the noon meal. Hotels have reported that some of our brothers and sisters have come down with plastic bags and filled them with fruit, Danish pastries, and bagels to be consumed later, leaving little for the other guests. Such hotel amenities are provided as a courtesy for guests while at the hotel and must not be abused. To take more than what you will eat during your breakfast meal would really demonstrate a greedy spirit, and it is also dishonest. If an improper attitude on the part of fellow Witnesses is observed, it would be a kindness to remind them of how they should be acting.

  • Quarterback

    Yes, I do remember those references, Blondie. But, what a pain it was to invent a bagged lunch while you hurdled to get your seat saved.

    Which grocery was opened early enough to sell you items to prepare a lunch. You were expected to be there for the day, and not supposed to leave during lunch hour to shop for lunch. If that is not a burden.

    We are fortunate to drive only 45 minutes to the DA. I feel for those that have to struggle with this.

    It was a lot kinder in the good ol days.

  • blondie

    Hi QB, I lived in the convention city for at least 95% of the time of my sentence with the WTS so making a lunch was not hard. Also I packed a lunch every workday and had to get there much earlier so it was part of my routine.

    I was surprised that jws were decimating the "complimentary" breakfast and had no clue or didn't care about the greediness they showed. I wonder if they were wearing their badges to give a good witness?

    I don't think it is a vendor issue any more if it ever was. They cut the time to 1.5 hours I think. Even before that and the food "arrangement" was ended too many jws left the property and were late getting back (even leaving early). Now the whole idea is to associate with each other, but I found that jws had a small group only they spent time with and looked at you like you had 2 heads if you tried to talk them and make initial contact....

  • Bob_NC

    I have been out of the Org for some years and my perspective must have changed more than I realize. I am wondering not about the box lunches, but why why why would the Org announce where it wants fully responsible adults to go during an intermission??? Was I really that mentally imprisoned? They don't want you to leave the site during an intermission? It would go over so well if local vendors were allowed to make some $$ on the conventions. The brothers could even tell the vendors when to open hop and when to close. They would cooperate to get the captive customers.

    NC Bob

  • Quarterback

    It was/is a complication within the arrangement. There is no suggestion from the Society for solving it, just a spanking for making them look bad for people(s) desparation.

    I prefer smaller DA's where you know the attendees, than the larger ones.

  • blondie

    Yes, the newest "directive" or "encouraged" behavior is not to change out of your convention clothing and to wear your badge no matter when you go after. I wonder if you have to wear your badge on your swimming suit.

  • ohiocowboy

    It doesn't surprise me at all that many JW's took advantage of the complimentary breakfasts, even though it is a dishonest thing to do. It is very hard for them to support themselves because of the crumby jobs they are forced to take, let alone having to spend gas money, take time off from work, pay for a hotel, etc.

    The Society should realize that it is very hard for many to afford to go to the conventions, and they should offer free bag lunches for everyone instead of buying more real estate and other investments. It can easily cost an average JW family hundreds of dollars to go to a convention, money that they just don't have. Out of the Billions and billions of dollars the Society rakes in, it shouldn't be too hard for them to provide a little food for people. Jesus even saw the need to feed the scores of hungry people who were listening to his sermons. The Watchtower is so incredibly greedy, and they just don't care about their own flock.

    It is really sad.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition
    I wonder if you have to wear your badge on your swimming suit.

    LOL, it wouldn't surprise me if they "encouraged" that.

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