What Has Happened To Us?

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  • Carmel


    I'm sorry for taking so long to respond. This site is a little confusing at times and I actually lost track of where I was participating.. Anyway, I find that diversity in all aspects of humanity is something to enjoy rather than eschew. Very much like your comments on "viva la differance". I have two sons who are married to wonderful young women, one from India the other from Pakistan. They come from Sihk and Islamic backgrounds and cultures that are so different than what this American would have ever hoped to rub shoulders with. They bring a whole new perspective on life, add emensly to our family and of course are smashingly beautiful. Both have multiple degrees and are very socially conscious wanting to do for their poverty stricken countries all they can to elevate the lives of the down trodden and poor.

    I very much enjoy the intellectual stimulation of people from all walks of life and like you, enjoy having my notions about God, religion and reality challenged and tested. As a life-long learner, I enjoy exchanging ideas and perspectives with people from all cultures and groups. As a young JW I was made to fear the evil "outside" world but have found that it is quite the contrary. It seems to me that many here are discovering that the picture the Society paints about the world is as misguided as is some of their other conceptual schemes.


  • Carmel

    Dear Thorns,

    I come from a family of seven brothers and left the "truth" before I turned 15 years old. All of my five older brothers (sixth died) remained as JWs, BUT, only a couple of my multitude of nephews and neices remain. Of the 18 or twenty, the only two that are active JWs, one is severly emotionally retarded and the other is extremely obese and socially marginalized. Not a very good track record in our family and from what little I have gleaned, my old congregation has virtually no youth attending, only the dried up hope-filled goldenagers.


  • Surreptitious

    Interesting thread. Whatever happened to Frenchy?

  • RandomTask

    I think they need another date and some more fire and brimstone crap to really scare the crap out of people. They could read the encyclopiedia and the same people would show up as long as they are fearful enough. This is what they mean by 'more faith', fear. Trust me, without the fear you could make it Barnum and freaking Baileys and they still would lose interest.

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