What Has Happened To Us?

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  • RedhorseWoman


    I can remember the first time my Mom took me to the Kingdom Hall.

    Her initial exposure to the JW's came after my sister had accepted some magazines from someone doing street work. A brother came to our house and talked to Mom about the Bible and the meetings.

    He offered to pick us up for the Sunday talk and Watchtower. I remember Mom asking if they had a Sunday School for the children (I was 7). The brother told her that "yes, this is like a Sunday School, and perfect for small children".

    Mom was overjoyed....I would get a dose of Sunday School. I remember sitting through that first talk and Watchtower muttering to myself "this is NOT a Sunday School....boy did we get ripped off".

    It was really tough to try to sit quietly through meetings where you understood almost nothing.

  • Scorpion

    Thanks for the new link Frenchy

  • Frenchy

    You're welcome SC

    Hey how about a meeting for us 'older' kids that don't like the regular meetings... I like cookies and milk!

  • Simon

    It always makes my laugh how there is almost a cheer if the speaker doesn't turn up and the meeting is just the WatchTower. I suppose everyone is glad that they get out of a meeting BUT do not have the guilt of not going ('cause the elders said it was OK)

  • waiting

    In our cong. there is a noticeable groan when the visiting speaker doesn't show up because one of the local elders will give an impromto talk.

    I use to just get my Watchtowers out and read.

    One of my kids first memories going to meetings was when my youngest was acting up and I was trying to reach over to him. The only thing I had in my hand was my Bible - which I thumped on the top of his head. The other two olders ones got the giggles and I had to take them all out "for a stern lecture." Oh, those were the happy days.

  • 3acrewood

    Frenchy -
    The last talk I heard that really moved me was given by my husband. Not a brag - it's just that he has felt much the same as you - that a speaker needs to REACH his audience. They shouldn't just feel they've been lectured or talked "at" for an hour (45 min.). In fact, they should be so caught up in the talk that they aren't even aware that an "hour" has passed. AND, they should walk away feeling that they've learned a little something too. So, he worked up this particular talk in the form of a story. (He's always been fascinated with storytellers.) It's a very moving story about a young girl and her father and how he handles a particular "mess" she got into. It's got it all - tugs the heartstrings, makes you laugh, makes you cry ... and you walk away with a smile on your face! I love to sit in the back and just watch people's reactions. Not only are there ALWAYS a few tears, but I see all the teenagers in the audience just hanging on his words - and that is the primary group this particular talk is designed to reach, so it's great to see. He has stepped down now temporarily because of overload in other areas of his life, but it just shows that if the brothers care enough put some thought and effort into their talks, our meetings can be interesting and effective.

  • Lark

    I had been thinking about this for a long time too and I came to the conclusion that the elders have way too much to do. I could barely keep up with being a single publisher. I can't imagine having to do all that and take care of the congregation as well and if they are married forget about it. It seems rediculous the ammount of work they are expected to do and still keep up with all of the regular duties as well. I think they should be exempt from certian things like field service (except maybe the service overseer) and quite possibly even be supported by the congregations (I realize this would be difficult since most JWs were discoraged form getting further education therefore limiting their income somewhat, I know I always had troble making ends meet. Unfortunately I don't think there will be any big changes anytime soon.
    Just my 2cents

  • Frenchy

    Thank you, Lark, for your input. It's nice to have you on board. You're correct when you say that the elders are busy. This is especially true in the smaller congregations where there may be only two or three elders there and most of the time there is only one that can really do it all and he ends up getting overloaded.

    I think the publishers could be more considerate at times by helping those brothers with some of the chores around the hall like cutting the grass and maintaining the hall. Remember they are expected to take their turn cutting the grass and paintin the hall, and general maintenance. For some this is a great burden on top of everything else.

    The other side of the coin is that they are volunteers for the job. When it gets to be too much, they should walk away. The family comes first and foremost and should neverbe neglected.

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • Lark

    I Agree that it should be voluntary they should be able to walk away from the position but I also feel that there is a lot of Peer pressure not to (as well as pressure from the GB). I remember the brothers in our hall that weren’t at least servants after a number of years were considered weak spiritually I was young and stupid (I am not young anymore) at the time but I think it was the attitude of many whether young or not. But again as you said this goes back to the society blaming the brothers instead of looking at what they can do to help. But I guess it goes to show where their love really is.
    It really is too bad because there are so many good things about the JWs but it seems they have added so many rules and regulations that you can't enjoy it(or should I say so many "suggestions").

  • waiting

    Welcome to this area...

    It's nice to see new typing and thoughts. Good to meet you.

    Frenchy's the coolest (besides the other brothers here) - read his poetry. I have none - so I embarrass him because he's so good.

    This is a nice place to talk. There are other good forums too, (TINA - private conversation)but Simon keeps us "civil."

    And no one provides "suggestions", neat, huh?

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