Loss and Loneliness

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I watch the world--I who am ever alone--from my fenestrated perch: the crumbling gallery atop the house of DuBois.

    Confined within decaying walls of splintering lath and melting plaster lies a man crippled in body (but not spirit) since early manhood. I never had a chance, some might say. He didn't mean to push me down the spiral staircase in a fit of rage; nevertheless, that he did.

    The poisoned mood he affected during a brutal, one-sided altercation is of no consequence now. I forgave him, but his remorse abode too great, I surmise, that fain would he never be to set eyes anew upon the friend he sought to destroy.

    He could end my lonely and useless isolation and I willingly, gladly set his spirit free . . .

    My love is greater than his grief.

    How ever shall this, my immovable frame bridge the bottomless chasm that separates the one healed from him who resists forgiveness?

  • Hortensia

    fenestrated is one of my favorite words

    OK, back to more serious stuff now

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Another oddly interesting thread

    loss and loneliness as an everyday human or loss and loneliness as a stranded human without answers without reason to be.

    Sometimes the everyday human finds a party favor and mistakes it for God. disappointment Oh there's another one and another and another......

    The stranded human books and ideas party favors mistaken for God disappointment .....

    What are we anyway? Why do we feel lonely and abandoned? Have we been trifled with? Can we live a life of distraction and will it sustain us?......

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Yes, Nancy, a life of distraction . . . hardly sustaining, but it must do.


    Thanks for a good post.

    CoCo est pensive

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Loss and Loneliness raises it's ugly head again

    The jersey shore it's magic sunk beneath the waves. I was born and raised in NJ and every summer i stayed at my aunt and uncle's house in what was then Bricktownship it was the best time of my young life I wasn't a JW so i spend hours at the beach as a little girl we went to the boardwalk in pt pleasant and as a teenager it was seaside heights boardwalk. i think back and it had a smell and a sound and we thought it would always be there. i remember they had one of these turning barrels you had to try to walk through at seaside and another girl and her little brother and me tried to get through the barrel and he fell and then we fell and couldn't get out and they had to stop the ride for us. It's funny the things you remember. An old sea captain who lived next door worked at the mantoloking bridge opening the bridge for boats and we went under it in my uncle's boat and he opened the bridge for us even though we didn't need it. My memories of the shore are about 50 years old watching tv and seeing the arial view of all the destruction was strange it looks so different so built up and so destroyed. My mother lives in brick she's alright and today her power is back and her home is not destroyed.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks for a fascinating - and sad - bit of nostalgia, Nancy.

    I can imagine how bad I'd feel about my childhood town's destruction. It was hit by the Loma Prieta 'quake but was rebuilt.

    Glad your mom's OK!

    All the best,


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